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Language Trainers has a worldwide network of qualified and experienced native-speaking language teachers. Our head office deals with administration, course development, academic support, and matching teachers with learners.

The directors of Language Trainers have worked at all levels in the language industry, from thousands of hours teaching to running schools. They are also dedicated language enthusiasts, speaking many languages between them.

All of our experienced trainers are native speakers (or have a native-speaker level of the language taught) with appropriate teaching qualifications.

They are locally based to reduce your expenses and travel time.


Individual/Group course inquiries:

If you would like to know more about our individual and group course options and how we can help you learn a new language, please get in touch.

Simply fill in our quick inquiry form or contact us by phone or e-mail with the language you would like to learn, your contact details, your location, and any other information you’d like us to know.

One of our team will get back to you with an assessment of your learning requirements and to discuss the most suitable strategy for you.


Organizational/Business course inquiries:

If you are representing an organization or business, then we would love to hear from you! Would your business benefit from your staff being able to communicate in another languag.

Will you soon be working with a foreign partner? Are you expanding into another country.

We will listen to your language needs and provide one or several courses suitable to your organization.

Our tutors will teach at the office or a place of your choosing, and lessons will be catered so that your personnel learn the appropriate language skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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    347 5th Ave, Suite 1402-557, New York

Courses offered by Language Trainers Corporation


Portuguese Language Course

Does the Portuguese language spark your attention. If so, what are you waiting for to start learning this fascinating language.

by Language Trainers Corporation

Norwegian Language Course

Norwegian Language Course is offered by Language Trainer Corporation. The official language of the Kingdom of Norway, boasting 5 million native speakers. Connect with the country with one of the world’s most extensive supplies of petroleum and natural gas.

by Language Trainers Corporation

Vietnamese Language Course

Vietnamese is the third most-spoken language in the United States. There are over one million speakers in the U.S. alone and an estimated 80 million worldwide, most notably in Asia, Australia, and Western Europe, in addition to North America.

by Language Trainers Corporation

Turkish Language Course

With Turkey’s strategic location, the language stretches between Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East; making knowledge of Turkish a valuable asset to anyone interested in traveling to those regions or making business stakes aoad.

by Language Trainers Corporation

Swedish Language Course

Swedish Language Course is offered by Language Trainer Corporation. Swedish is currently the most common North Germanic languages, with approximately 9 million speakers in the world today.

by Language Trainers Corporation

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