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Firstly, language learning is unique in its ability to stimulate the mind and keep the brain young and healthy.

Research shows that those who can speak a second language tend to develop dementia 4 to 5 years later than those of us who can only speak one. Being bilingual also makes you far more likely to recover from a stroke.

These astounding facts mean that speaking a second language has greater benefits than any treatments or pharmaceutical interventions currently developed for brain ageing.

Secondly, language learning is a fun way to bring people together to build confidence, experience something new, learn about a different culture, create new connections, and have a laugh. For all the health benefits of language learning, we still want participants to feel relaxed and have a good time.

That’s why we like to say language learning is good for the brain and good for the banter. When we get the learning environment right that’s when the benefits start to be seen: improved concentration, enhanced communication, heightened multi-tasking ability, and bolstered over-all well-being! 

Finally, we have recently attained Approved Centre Status by SQA (Scottish Qualification’s Authority) meaning that we can now offer National Level 2 qualifications to our care home/day centre learners as part of their Lingo course.

This wonderful development serves to reinforce the Lingo ethos that it’s never too late to learn, and that learning should be a life-long endeavour that can live on beyond school!

  • Glasgow Branch

    155 Deanston Dr, Shawlands,G41 3LP, Glasgow

Courses offered by Lingo Flamingo


Spanish Language Courses

Spain is known as Europe's most passionate country - where food and wine are obsessions and landscapes lift the spirit, where music courses through the nation's soul and the good life is lived in present.  It's for such reasons that we Scots swap the drizzle for the sizzle in Spain above anywhere...

by Lingo Flamingo

Italian Language Courses

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” So wrote Italian composer Verdi, and he may be onto something. From its food, the envy of the world, to Michelangelo's masterpieces, not to mention the grandeur of Rome, or the Renaissance splendor of Florence.

by Lingo Flamingo

Japanese Language Courses

Blending ancient culture with ethereal landscapes and dizzying modernity, this archipelago of some 6800 volcanic islands holds a unique, romantic allure to those who have dipped their toes into the expanse of Japanese culture, cuisine and history.

by Lingo Flamingo

German Language Courses

Germany. Leave all preconceptions at the door. Europe’s most populous country; one filled with a multitude of regional identities, bustling cities, soul-stirring scenery, and invigorating culture. A place where you’re able to find the sleek world of precision engineering.

by Lingo Flamingo

Portuguese Language Courses

These beginner Portuguese lessons are ideal for those who would like to get to grips with the Portuguese language. From greeting a person to answering questions, this 10-week. Portuguese course is all about helping you not only survive but thrive when next roaming the steep streets of Lisboa

by Lingo Flamingo

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