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Successful owner of Ruff Cedar Studios, Russell Whitaker re-located to Dallas and created Dallas Sound Lab. DSL studios became home to Grammy Award winning artist such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Destiny’s Child, Pantera, Kirk Franklin and many others.

  • Houston Branch

    3324 Walnut Bend Ln, Houston

Courses offered by Mediatech Institute


Master Makeup Artistry

The future of makeup is CGI & digital. Every special effect starts with an actor in a makeup chair.

by Mediatech Institute

Web Design & Development

The Web Development & Design Program is a one-year program designed to help you learn web development and gain vital skills. Currently offered at the Dallas and Houston campuses, the Web Development & Design program teaches you how to take an idea and turn it into a website.

by Mediatech Institute

Digital Film & Video Production

At MediaTech, you get access to industry-standard facilities and equipment. Both campuses have real sound stages with an array of digital film cameras and production support equipment.

by Mediatech Institute

Mobile App Development

Creating mobile apps is one of the most sought-after skillsets in the world. Demand for experienced mobile programmers has increased dramatically due to the popularity of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

by Mediatech Institute

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