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At MESH Academy, wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to delivering top-notch training programs that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and corporate organizations, aligning with their unique business objectives and targeted success. 

Our team comprises experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers who bring a wealth of expertise in professional practices to empower your organization. Our primary focus is on assisting your company by equipping your human resources with elevated professional competency and skills. 

By participating in our training programs, your employees are poised to become efficient contributors who can drive higher productivity and profitability, ultimately advancing your company's goals.


Our Objectives

To become the go-to training and consultancy provider in Malaysia for environment, safety, and health, by delivering exceptional services that empower organizations to achieve regulatory compliance, enhance workplace safety, and promote a culture of well-being.


Our Vision

To lead positive change in environmental, safety, and health practices, creating a sustainable and safe future for Malaysia through innovative training and consultancy solutions.


Our Mission

At MESH Academy, our mission is to provide exceptional training and consultancy services in environment, safety, and health that empower individuals and organizations to achieve excellence. 

We are committed to delivering comprehensive, compliant, and practical solutions that drive positive change and promote a culture of safety, sustainability, and well-being. 

Through our expertise and dedication, we aim to be the trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their ESH practices, protect their workforce, and contribute to a healthier and greener Malaysia.

  • Subang Jaya Branch

    12-17 Menara Geno, Jalan Subang Mas, Subang Jaya

Courses offered by Mesh Academy


Defensive Driving & Road Safety Training

Our Defensive Driving & Road Safety course is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely and confidently. 

by Mesh Academy

Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention & Rescue Training

Our Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention & Rescue Training program is a comprehensive and hands-on course that equips participants with the necessary skills to respond confidently and effectively in fire-related emergencies. 

by Mesh Academy

Safe Handling of Forklift Truck

Our Safe Handling of Forklift Truck training program is designed to provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills to operate forklifts safely and proficiently. 

by Mesh Academy

Emergency Response & Preparedness

This training program is dedicated to equipping participants with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively respond to emergency situations and enhance preparedness in various scenarios

by Mesh Academy

Crane & Machinery Safety

Crane & machinery Safety course provides comprehensive training in workplace safety practices and regulations. Participants will learn to identify and assess workplace hazards, implement risk control measures, and promote a safety-conscious culture. 

by Mesh Academy

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