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Nicole Accounting Training is the oldest training institution in Sydney. It has been highly praised by students since its establishment and has helped thousands of people who are interested in accounting work. 2/3 of the students are recommended by former students. 

Over the past 7 years, Nicole's training courses have developed into a good reputation as the first similar training courses in the Sydney area in terms of coverage, employment rate, satisfaction, and job remuneration. 

There are many advertisements on the market now. If you have any concerns, you can try them out at any time. The first hour is completely free. Since its introduction, the free trial has been very popular among students. Indeed, as long as you dare to audition, Nicole believes that she can retain every student who dares to audition. No student has left Nicole's class yet. If you don’t believe it, you can try it yourself.

Our training class is the only one in Sydney that focuses on Financial Statements. From the perspective of accounting statements, we will explain to you how each transaction and each module in daily accounting operations affects the company's financial status, aiming to cultivate Students can also draw inferences about different software systems and company structures. 

We believe that this kind of teaching can equip students with the ability to take on Accountant positions, and have the strength to sprint for more senior positions and get promoted at work, instead of just being satisfied with simple mechanical Data Entry or entry-level positions.

As a financial manager with 30 years of experience, Nicole not only has a strong ability to operate all financial work of the company, but also has the ability to deal with any mistakes made by each employee. Teacher Nicole integrates her rich practical experience, management experience and interviewing experience into accounting training and explains it personally. 

Therefore, Nicole's accounting training not only tells students how to do it, but also tells them why they should do it and what will happen if they don't do it. 

At the same time, Teacher Nicole will bring typical mistakes made by employees in actual work to the classroom to explain, so as to prevent students from making the same mistakes again. This is something that training personnel with only ordinary accounting experience cannot achieve.


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Courses offered by Nicole Accounting



What ACCA currently implements is the syllabus implemented in 2007. This syllabus fully expresses the opinions of employers and professionals and reflects the requirements of modern business society for financial personnel.

by Nicole Accounting

CPA Coaching

With years of practical tutoring, Nicole Accounting has launched one-on-one CPA sprint tutoring classes or small class tutoring for 3-5 people for all courses, which will definitely meet everyone's needs in this regard.

by Nicole Accounting

MYOB Accounting Practical Operation Class

Nicole led the Finance Manager & Senior Financial Accountant in her team, who has more than 200 years of Australian ASX and Fortune 500 years of experience, to give personal explanations.

by Nicole Accounting
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Tax Class, Company Income Tax & Commercial Accounting

Company Tax Preparation is the most complex and difficult part of TAX. In comparison, BAS and GST are relatively easy. If you have browsed the job ads of AA (Assistant Accountant) and FA (Financial Accountant).

by Nicole Accounting

BA – Forecasting, Budgeting

This course will be more practical and practical, because our senior FCPA instructors will start from the role of BA or Management Accountant of an ASX listing company, give students diagrams and explain in detail the entire forecasting and budgeting process.

by Nicole Accounting

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