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Our Mission

  • To instill lifelong learning and to inculcate extra value to students’ learning process.
  • To help students from poor family background with financial constraint and groom them into a better human being through the learning experience and therefore improve their quality of life.
  • To provide high quality of education at all time.
  • Kuala Lumpur Branch

    Lot 5114, No 15D (1st Floor), Jalan Silang, Pekan Lama, 52100, Kuala Lumpur

Courses offered by Pintar College Education


Diploma In Real Estate Management

This programme is a combination of business subjects, law subjects, and built environment subjects. It helps in preparing students for practice in property and real estate field.

by Pintar College Education


ACCA prides itself on providing opportunities based on ability and application. Irrespective of your academic qualifications or location in the world, ACCA can provide you with the right starting point to embark on a route to becoming qualified.

by Pintar College Education

SQL Accounting Software

The course objective is to cultivate learners to become a knowledge-based business book-keeping officer, assess and recognize learner’s business book-keeping basic knowledge, SQL Account and Office software application skills, business operation knowledge and job interview skills.

by Pintar College Education

English For Business

Pintar College offers English For Business. The course level is equivalent to IELTS & Cambridge English. It also serves as an upgrade of SPM English Qualification and also develop reading, writing, speaking & listening skills.

by Pintar College Education

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