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Welcome to our French Language Institute, where language learning meets cultural immersion. Our institute offers comprehensive French language programs for all proficiency levels, taught by experienced native French instructors.

Through dynamic teaching methods and interactive classrooms, we ensure that students not only develop strong language skills but also gain a deep appreciation for French culture. Our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive learning resources create a stimulating environment for language acquisition.

Join us on this transformative journey of language and cultural exploration, and let our dedicated team guide you to fluency and beyond.

  • Seattle Branch

    521 Wall St #100, Seattle

Courses offered by Washington Academy of Languages


Intensive English Language Program

This program meets the full-time study requirement for F-1 visa students who wish to improve their English for jobs at home or for academic study in the United States.

by Washington Academy of Languages

Ukrainian Language Courses

With Ukraine’s independence in 1991, new connections with the country across the globe have begun to be made and existing ones strengthened.

by Washington Academy of Languages

Spanish Language Courses

Our Spanish classes are held at our downtown Seattle campus. Spanish is a Romance Language, closely related to French, Italian  and Portuguese. There are many linguistic variations in the Spanish-speaking  world.

by Washington Academy of Languages

Russian Language Courses

Russian is an East Slavic language and is spoken in regional dialects. The modern dialect of Moscow is used in the Washington Academy of Languages’ instructional programs. Come join us for classes!

by Washington Academy of Languages

Polish Language Courses

Polish is spoken by the Poles in Poland and overseas Polish communities. There are more than 50 million speakers of Polish around the world. It is a rich language with a long history, extraordinary by Central European standards.

by Washington Academy of Languages

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