Top 10 BBA Classes in South Africa |


Course Fees : R2600 to R82800

BBA course in South Africa attracts students from around the world to build their career opportunities through proper training, study materials, and various benefits.


As an aspiring degree holder, you’d want to know every detail about the BBA course in South Africa before engaging in the admission process.


Here are a few things to keep in mind before opting for the courses for your future.



Why learn BBA degree course in South Africa?


  • SMEs of SA: The marketing diversity of South Africa holds reflects through the 743,000 registered business enterprises, elevating the financial growth of the area since 2017. 


  • Great Local Stock Market scene: Not to forget, the country is also known to have one of the biggest stock markets that attract various shareholders around the world for business opportunities. 


  • Government Laws: And due to the healthy political environment, you can expect proper rules and regulations in the financial sectors with low amounts of corrupt practices. 


  • International Business Understanding: While studying under the BBA course in South Africa, you'll have a better grasp of finance and economy of not only the local but also the global market and how it changes every day. 


What is the Fee of a BBA degree in South Africa?


While opting for your BBA course in South Africa, you might get confused as to how much it costs for taking up the course, due to most of the institutions having their own fee structure.


But to give you an idea about the differences between the fees of private and government-funded institutions, you can refer to the table below:




Fees Per Annum

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

BBA course

72,264.22 South African Rand

The University of Pretoria

BBA course

38,344.28 South African Rand

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

BBA course

33,919.94 South African Rand.


What is the average duration of BBA Course in South Africa?


 Your BBA course in South Africa will be of 3 years duration within which, you'll learn the theoretical and practical understanding of business administration.  


What are the most famous BBA Universities in South Africa?


BBA course in South Africa is possible through certain universities that excel in systematic education programs.


Here's the list of the most prominent ones:


1. Regenesys Business School, Johannesburg, Sandton, South Africa.

2. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.

3. University of Pretoria, Pretoria South Africa

4. University of Stellenbosch Business School, Cape Town, South Africa.

5. The Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town

6. IMM Graduate School, Johannesburg, South Africa.

7. Milpark Education, Cape Town, South Africa.

8. Regenesys Business School, Sandton, South Africa


What will I learn by taking BBA course in South Africa?


Following are specialization under BBA course in South Africa, that the students get a comprehensive knowledge of during their course duration:


  • Public Sector.
  • Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Management Information System.
  • Business Analytics.
  • Retail Management. 
  • Marketing.


What jobs I can get after taking BBA course in South Africa?


Your BBA course in South Africa will enable you to work in different professional fields such as:


  • Insurance: As an insurance agent, you can help your clients pick our policy portfolios which helps them safe keep their belongings.


  • Consultancy: As a consultant, you have the benefit of helping people with their financial responsibilities, money growth, and understanding their benefits in the market.


  • Advertising Agent: Here, you can observe the market, note the current trends and benefits to help companies advertise their products to the correct demands.