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Course Fees : R150 to R10630

Planning to take Arts and Crafts classes in South Africa?


South Africa is home to a rich variety of arts and craftwork. From woven baskets of KwaZulu-Natal to basketry from Limpopo along with beadwork, the country has many such world-renowned crafts. 


This is why arts and crafts training in South Africa attracts a lot of students wanting to pursue a career in this arena. To that end, the country houses many institutes that offer a wide array of courses to satiate the needs of students. 


Here’s a glimpse of arts and crafts training in South Africa: 



Course offered


Centre for Creative Education


3 Years

The Creative Academy, Cape Town


3 Years

Art Therapy, Johannesburg

Short Creative Courses and Workshops

1 Day - 8 Weeks



What are the best Art and Craft institutes in South Africa?


The colleges for art and craft training in South Africa are:

1. Lillian Gray Art and Craft School, Johannesburg

2. Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town

3. Mandys Art, Robin Hills

4. Michaelis school of art, Cape Town


What is the cost of Art and Craft classes in South Africa?

The cost of arts and crafts training in South Africa varies depending on the type of subject and institute chosen. While music lessons can range between R670 - 2750, other forms of arts such as dancing costs somewhere between R200 - 2000. On average, arts and crafts training in South Africa lies between R100-900 per month or R450-900 per term. 



What is the duration of Art and Craft classes in South Africa?

The average duration of art and craft training in South Africa depends on the type of course chosen. While a Bachelor’s degree would require 3 years to complete, short courses can range from 1 Day to 8 weeks. 



Why learn Arts and Crafts in South Africa?


Besides the cultural diversity and rich arts and crafts heritage that South Africa, here are some compelling reasons for choosing arts and crafts training in South Africa: 


  • South Africa’s constant push to enhance its higher education program has resulted in a better, improved, and quality education framework.
  • South Africa uniquely positioned to gain a high-quality education and placements along
  • Universities in South Africa offer multicultural student communities, good academic facilities, a range of social activities and clubs, and good support systems for international students. 


What will I learn from Art and Craft courses in South Africa?


Besides providing a kaleidoscopic view of African culture and rich diversity of craftwork, arts and crafts training in South Africa offers the following benefits: 


  • The courses are designed to engage students critically in the diverse culture of South Africa.
  • Comprehensive training on local and urban African arts and crafts entwined with intellectual and academic rigor.
  • Great employment opportunities to kick off a promising career in the field of arts and crafts.  


What jobs can I get as an Artist in South Africa?

Jobs for taking art and craft training in South Africa:

  • Art therapist
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Drawing Teacher
  • Set Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Music Teacher
  • Creative Director

84 course(s) offered by 28 institutes in South Africa
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Milty's Training Academy Logo

Foundation Courses

An Awesome way to start your woodworking venture!

Institute by Milty's Training Academy
  • Price
  • Duration
Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio Logo


Join the pottery studio for therapeutic weekly morning or evening sessions in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Institute by Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Valentino Jewellery Studio & Goldsmith Academy Logo

Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design class is offered by Jewellery Studio.

Institute by Valentino Jewellery Studio & Goldsmith Academy [ Claim Listing ]

Digby Hoets Logo

Pottery Class

Digby runs 4 classes per week from his studio in Carlswald, Midrand, Johannesburg (between Johannesburg and Pretoria) He offers tuition in wheelwork, handwork and sculpture and provides a wide range of facilities.

Institute by Digby Hoets [ Claim Listing ]
Jama School of Art Music and Dance Logo

Fine Art

Fine Art is offered by Jama School of Art Music and Dance

Institute by Jama School of Art Music and Dance [ Claim Listing ]
Finikiti Woodworks Logo


The classes are small - maximum of 6 students in the Beginner's and Intermediate classes and a maximum of 4 in the Adv anced class

Institute by Finikiti Woodworks
Bloemfontein Fashion Academy Logo

Creative Art

Creative Art course is offered by Bloemfontein Fashion Academy

Institute by Bloemfontein Fashion Academy [ Claim Listing ]

Elza van Dijk’s Pottery Studio Logo


Elza van Dijk’s studio is situated in a beautiful and relaxing location. The sounds of water and mood-setting background music will inspire every person with passion in their souls

Institute by Elza van Dijk’s Pottery Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Mercury School of Woodwork Logo

Foundation in Woodwork

A comprehensive introduction to Woodwork

Institute by Mercury School of Woodwork
Sandy's Pottery Studio Logo


I offer adult pottery classes at my pottery studio in Benoni, on the East Rand of Johannesburg.

Institute by Sandy's Pottery Studio [ Claim Listing ]
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