Top 10 Beauty Therapy Courses in South Africa |


Course Fees : R4000 to R85000

Why you should learn Beauty Therapy course in South Africa?


Do you want to pursue a successful career in Beauty Therapy? If yes then congratulations as you have chosen something that will guarantee a long lasting and successful career in the field of beauty! Weddings, parties, fashion shows and other special events are there for life. 


This means that by specialising in a beauty therapy course in South Africa you will be able to choose from a wide range of career paths such as massage therapy, hairdressing, aromatherapy, nail care, somatology and so much more! 


Beauty Therapist Responsibilities 

Beauty Therapist Requirements 

You will provide skin analysis

You must have a relevant qualification in Beauty Therapy 

You will provide peels, facials and other skin treatments 

You must be a license holder to practice beauty therapy on others

You will ensure that the used inventory is being replaced regularly 

You must have remarkable communication skills 


What are the most famous Beauty Therapy coaching centres in South Africa?


The top Beauty Therapy institutes that are available in different parts of South Africa are: 


1. Beauty Therapy Institute in Sandton 

2. The Beauty Therapy Institute in Sorbet Randburg

3. Beauty Therapy Institute Somerset West 

4. Madge Wallace International Beauty Therapy College 

5. Camelot International Durban 


What jobs I can get after taking Beauty Therapy classes in South Africa?


By certifying in a professional beauty therapy course in South Africa you will be able to get different jobs in the field of beauty, such as: 


  • A makeup artist
  • Wax specialist 
  • Eyebrow specialist 
  • Hairdresser 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Body massage expert 


What is the average price range of Beauty Therapy course in South Africa?


The average price range of a beauty therapy course in South Africa start from around R 1,060. This price may increase or decrease depending on the level of the beauty therapy institute you have decided to join. 


What is the average duration of Beauty Therapy course in South Africa?


The average duration of a beauty therapy course in South Africa is around 31 months. 


What will I learn by taking Beauty Therapy course in South Africa? 


If you are considering the profession of a beauty therapist then it is highly recommended for you to start a beauty therapy course in South Africa. Completing certification will help you in applying for professional makeup platforms. 


You will be taught numerous beauty treatments such as massage therapy, skin care through facials, hair removal techniques and methods as well as hairdressing and nail care. By doing a beauty therapy course you will also learn a lot of entrepreneurial skills which will aid in setting up your own beauty business in South Africa.