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Studying NEBOSH Courses in South Africa depicts commitment toward a more improved and developed health and safety principles. The two major NEBOSH course types offered in South Africa is the NEBOSH International Certificate Course and the NEBOSH Diploma Course. 


Course Types


Average Course Price

NEBOSH International Certificate Course

Minimum of ten (10) days


NEBOSH Diploma Соurse 

Minimum of seven (7) weeks



Why should I study NEBOSH Courses in South Africa?


Studying NEBOSH Courses in South Africa is relatively easy and adds the much sought after qualification to your portfolio. A qualification in NEBOSH training offers you a stepping stone to advance and build a successful career. By studying NEBOSH Courses, you gain more chances of promotion, job security, and paving an entirely new career path in health and safety.


Furthermore, in-depth knowledge of NEBOSH courses is of utmost importance as its application enables safer workplaces.


What is the average price range of studying NEBOSH Courses in South Africa? 


According to research, the average price range of studying NEBOSH Courses in South Africa ranges from ZAR21,000 for NEBOSH International Certificate Course to ZAR28,000 for NEBOSH Diploma Course.


What is the average duration of NEBOSH course in South Africa? 


The course duration favors professionals who want to acquire a NEBOSH qualification within the shortest possible time. The NEBOSH International Certificate Course in South Africa is undertaken for ten (10) days spread throughout several weeks. 


The NEBOSH Diploma training in South Africa requires students to attend classes for an average of seven (7) weeks. 


What are the most famous NEBOSH training institutes in South Africa?


NEBOSH Course training institutes abound in South Africa especially in major cities. The most famous and notable ones are outlined below:


1. HAZLOC Training and Consultancy Service Provider located in Sasolburg, South Africa

2. Phoeniz Health and Safety, Johannesburg

3. SHEilds South Africa, Johannesburg Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South AfricaProtec Africa situated in Durban Port-Elizabeth

4. Full Safety Compliance (Pty) Ltd located in Durban South Africa



What will I learn by studying a NEBOSH course in South Africa?


By studying NEBOSH Courses in South Africa, students can either learn the NEBOSH Certificate course or the NEBOSH Diploma Course. These are high-level qualifications that are well recognized internationally. 


Although both courses enlighten students on environmental health and safety, they are quite challenging and necessitate the investment of time to attain mastery of the course.


NEBOSH certificates are essential qualifications for professionals who intend to venture into Health and Safety. It is regarded as the most popular health and safety certificate globally. Students have the chance to choose the best NEBOSH Certificate that suits them. The various types of NEBOSH Courses in South Africa Certificate are outlined below:


  • NEBOSH General Construction and Fire Certificates 
  • NEBOSH Health and Environment Certificates 
  • NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate 


NEBOSH Diploma courses are often undertaken to further your basic knowledge on health and safety after you must have acquired the NEBOSH International Certificate.


What jobs can I get after studying NEBOSH courses in South Africa?


The job prospects for professionals or candidates who undergo NEBOSH Training in South Africa is bright. Candidates with NEBOSH qualifications can work as:


  • Quality and Safety Engineer
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Construction Site Manager
  • Health, Safety & Environment Officer
  • HSEQ Superintendent
  • Health & Safety Trainer
  • Operational Safety Advisor


These jobs and many more can be performed effectively by someone with a NEBOSH qualification in South Africa. The average salary for a professional that has studied NEBOSH Courses in South Africa is about R205,000.


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