According to a study by the British Council Arabic is the second most needed language for the UK in the next 20 years. The study looks at the importance of Arabic from the business, diplomacy, and security standpoint.


This has led to an increase in demand for institutes that offer Arabic courses in the UK. More and more students are participating in Arabic language courses in the country, which offers lucrative job offers as well. 


With the UK attracting a lot of international students, there is no surprise that pursuing an Arabic course in the UK is their go-to option. 


Institutes in the UK offer a wide variety of courses to help students get acquainted with the language. Here’s a glimpse of Arabic courses in the UK: 






Cactus Language

10 Week Course

10 Weeks

GBP 245

SOAS, University of London

Certificate and Diploma in Communicative Arabic

1 Year

GBP 9000 (EU/Home)

GBP 11250 (Overseas)

Manchester Metropolitan University

BA (Hons) - Business with Modern Standard Arabic

2 Years

GBP 15000



Why learn Arabic Language in the UK?


Arabic is a very popular language and is spoken in 22 Arab countries across the globe. Learning Arabic in the UK has the following advantages: 


  1. Get quality education as the UK is the second-largest student magnet in the world.


  1. Since the UK is a multicultural society, interact with a wide variety of people from across the globe while learning. This experience paves the way for a better learning experience.


  1. Appreciate the legacy of Arabic civilization by understanding the nuances of the language


What is the cost of Arabic language classes in the UK?


The cost of taking up Arabic course in The UK lies around 9000 Pounds though the cost varies on the ground of type of course (undergraduate, postgraduate or diploma).


What is the duration of Arabic language classes in the UK?


The average duration of taking up Arabic course in the UK is described below:


Type of course

Average duration

Undergraduate course

3 years

Postgraduate course

2 years

Diploma or certificate course

1 year



What are the best Arabic language centres in the UK?


Though there are 50+ universities providing Arabic language courses. Some of the most famous institutes providing Arabic courses in the UK are:


1. University of Westminster, London

2. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

3. University of Leeds, Leeds

4. London Metropolitan University, London

5. University of Manchester, Manchester

6. University of St Andrews, St Andrews

7. University of Central Lancashire, Lancashire

8. University of Warwick, Warwick

9. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

10. University of Exeter, Exeter

11. University of Oxford, Oxford

12. University of Cambridge, Cambridge


What will I learn from Arabic courses in the UK?


Taking up the Arabic course in the UK will provide you following important insights:


  • Excellent communication skills (in Arabic language)
  • Loads of information about Islam
  • How Arabic became one of the UN's 6 official languages and the world’s 5 most spoken language
  • For non- Muslims, Arabic language brings in the opportunity to learn about religion and culture.


What jobs can I get as an Arabic language speaker in the UK?


Employment areas for candidates taking up Arabic course in the UK:


  • Colleges and universities
  • Language department
  • Translation offices
  • Embassies
  • Passport offices
  • UPSC (IFS)
  • Call centres


Types of jobs after taking up Arabic course in the UK:


  • Arabic Entry
  • Arabic Data Entry Clerk
  • Arabic Translator
  • Language Analyst
  • Arabic Tutor
  • Content analyst
  • Language analyst

19 course(s) offered by institutes in UK
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Newcastle International School NIS Logo


Arabic language class is offered by Newcastle International School NIS.Our courses are from beginner to advanced level. We recognise each student has individual language learning goals.

Cheapest Institute by Newcastle International School NIS [ Claim Listing ]
Birmingham Adult Education Service Logo

Arabic (Beginners Course)

By the end of the course, learners will be able to understand and use simple phrases and questions to exchange information in familiar situations in the target language.

Institute by Birmingham Adult Education Service [ Claim Listing ]
Listen and Learn Logo

Arabic Lessons

Arabic is an asset when it comes to professional opportunities, especially in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and many other countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Cheapest Institute by Listen and Learn [ Claim Listing ]

Cactus Logo

Arabic Language Courses

Learn Arabic with our Arabic language courses, which are delivered using a proven learning method.

Cheapest Institute by Cactus [ Claim Listing ]
Language Trainers Logo

Arabic Class

If you are looking to learn a new language to boost your career, Arabic is an ideal choice. Being fluent in Arabic will not only open up professional doors for you if you intend to work in an Arabic-speaking country but also at home.

Cheapest Institute by Language Trainers [ Claim Listing ]
International House Logo

Learn Modern Standard Arabic

If you have never studied Arabic before these courses are for you. Whether you're looking for an introduction to the language before a holiday, or want to study intensively, we have a range of beginners classes available. 

Cheapest Institute by International House [ Claim Listing ]
LSI Education Logo

Arabic Courses

Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, and is the official language of many countries in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

Cheapest Institute by LSI Education [ Claim Listing ]

The Profs Logo


We provide face-to-face Arabic tuition in London and online Arabic tutors worldwide. Our Arabic tutors are hand-picked from the best universities and rigorously interviewed. They work with students at all levels – from beginner to advanced – from all over the world.

Cheapest Institute by The Profs [ Claim Listing ]
Belfast Met Logo

Arabic Language Course

Arabic language course is offered by Belfast Met. Our learning environment, at centres around Belfast, is fun and adult friendly, and you can be confident that all our part-time course teacher have extensive knowledge and experience they’d love to share with you!

Cheapest Institute by Belfast Met [ Claim Listing ]
London Lessons Logo

Arabic Language

All our language courses, including Arabic classes, online or in-school are carefully designed to ensure full student participation as students are encouraged to actively practise their language skills.

Institute by London Lessons [ Claim Listing ]
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