Looking for Data Sciences courses in UK? Here is a list of top Data Sciences courses available in the United Kingdom.

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London Institute of Business and Management Logo

Data Analytics with Tableau

Take your most significant steps to start a Data analytics career with Tableau skills. This Data Analytics with Tableau course will equip you with the essential skills required for various data analytics roles. 

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Microsoft Power BI Workshop

The Microsoft Power BI workshop was designed to introduce participants to the Power BI program, its uses, and what this program contributes to facilitating data processing, creation, and transfer from one user to another.

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Staffordshire University Logo

Artificial Intelligence

In this course, you will learn how to define and differentiate between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the philosophies underpinning AI, and how to identify and use appropriate tools to build AI/ML modelling for real-world problem-solving.

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Berkeleyme School of Management and Sciences Logo

Certificate in Fundamental of Artificial Intelligence

This course covers foundational AI topics and concepts and provides an understanding of essential AI techniques, the basics of neural networks, and fundamental neural network architectural layers.

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Stay Ahead Logo

R Programming

This R Programming course aims to give delegates the knowledge to use effective programming principles and to write code in R. R is a powerful statistical language.

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PCWorkshops Logo

Big Data Hadoop (Intro)

The Apache™ Hadoop® project is an open-source software project that develops reliable, scalable, distributed computing. The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework. It provides fast and secure storage and retrieval of large data sets.

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Wise Owl Education Logo

Power BI (Intro)

Things that you'll learn on this two-day course include, how to load data from all manner of different sources, and how to build a data model and more.

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European Centre of Technology Logo

Artificial Intelligence

The present, the future and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence. Learn the technical essentials of AI.

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Babington Logo

Analysing Data Skills Bootcamp

The Analysing Data Skills Bootcamp has been designed to help you get to grips with these key topics. Besides building a strong foundational awareness of data principles, this course will introduce you to key tools and techniques, as well as give you an accredited qualification upon completion.

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Mullan I.T. Training Logo

Microsoft Power Bi

This 1 day course covers the essential skills in Power B: Connecting, Extracting & Loading data into the Data Model, then Visualising it with a rich set of Graphics, Charts and Dashboards.

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