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Arabic is the eighth most-studied language in the US and is the fastest-growing foreign language. Due to the growing demand, there has been an exponential rise in Arabic courses in the US. 


Here’s a glimpse of various Arabic courses in the US:    






Michigan State University

BA - Arabic

3 Years

USD 41328

University of Arizona

BA - Arabic

4 Years

USD 36566

The George Washington University

BA - Arabic Studies

4 Years

USD 56845



Why learn Arabic Language in the USA?


Arabic is the fifth most-spoken language in the world and therefore offers great trade and diplomatic value. Moreover, it eases the pain of students taking up jobs in Arabic countries such as Cloe Medina Erickson.  


Besides that, learning Arabic opens up a wide range of employment opportunities that offer high salaries. 


What is the cost of Arabic language classes in the USA?


The cost of Arabic courses in the US depends on the type of course and the university chosen. Typically, an undergraduate degree from top-rated university costs between USD 40000 - 56000. 


What is the duration of Arabic language classes in the USA?


The average duration of taking up Arabic course in the USA is described below:


Type of course

Average duration

Undergraduate course

3 years

Postgraduate course

2 years

Diploma or certificate course

1 year



What are the best Arabic language centres in the USA?


Though there are 50+ universities providing Arabic language courses. Some of the most famous institutes providing Arabic courses in the USA are:


1. Michigan State University,  East Lansing

2. DePaul University, Chicago

3. The George Washington University, Washington DC

4. University of Arizona, Arizona

5. Portland State University, Oregon

6. California State University, San Bernardino

8. Western Kentucky University, Kentucky

9. Cleveland State University, Cleveland

10. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati

11. University of Georgia, Athens

12. University of California, Los Angeles


What will I learn by taking the Arabic course in the USA?


Taking up the Arabic course in US will provide you following important insights:


  • Excellent communication skills (in Arabic language)
  • Learn about Islam and Islamic culture
  • Understand the grammar and nuances of the language
  • Explore how to use business Arabic and carry out international business


What jobs can I get as an Arabic language speaker in the USA?


Employment areas for candidates taking up Arabic course in the USA:


  • Colleges and universities
  • Language department
  • Translation offices
  • Embassies
  • Passport offices
  • UPSC (IFS)
  • Call centres


Types of jobs after taking up Arabic course in the USA:


  • Arabic Entry
  • Arabic Data Entry Clerk
  • Arabic Translator
  • Language Analyst
  • Arabic Tutor
  • Content analyst
  • Language analyst

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Showing Courses 1 - 10

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