Are you looking for Photography courses in the USA? Here are the Top 10 Photography classes in the USA.


The course fee for Photography training courses in the USA ranges from $15 for a 90-minute Introduction To Photography course, up to $2061 for a 10-week Digital Photography training.

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Dr. Rasheed

Adobe Firefly Masterclass: Graphics and Animations with AI

Create Graphics and Animations with AI

Online by Dr. Rasheed
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Academy of Make Up Arts Logo

Photography for the Makeup Artist Course

Photography for the Make Up Artist teaches foundational knowledge for more successful collaboration with photographers and fosters the skills needed for artists to capture their own work effectively.

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The Art Institute Logo

Digital Photography Degree Programs

Only the most skilled photographers, the hardest workers, the ones with a different point of view, succeed in this competitive field. That’s why you’re here.

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Los Angeles Center of Photography Logo

Photography (Basic Part-1)

In this beginning workshop, students will learn all the controls and functions on their digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, basic camera operation (including f-stop, shutter speed and ISO), fundamental concepts of photography, and how to control the photograph’s final look.

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Creative Photography Workshops Logo

Photography (Level 1 / Beginning)

Understanding basic photography camera controls and functions to make more creative decisions. Train your eye to see stronger composition to have your photographs stand out from everyone else’s images.

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The School of Light Logo


Classes have been designed to combine hands-on, practical learning with inspirational insights around the broader themes of Photography.

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Venice Arts Logo


Photography course is offered by Venice Arts for all skill level. We offer a dynamic, experiential learning environment, with no more than 12 kids in a class and an artist-to-youth ratio of 1:3. our high-impact programs foster creativity, arts knowledge and skills, and visual, digital, and media l...

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Atwater Photo Workshops Logo

Photography (Intro)

This course is your introduction to the skills you need to successfully shoot powerful images in any situation. Students will learn all the controls and functions on their cameras.

by Atwater Photo Workshops [ Claim Listing ]
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Digital Photo Academy Logo

Composition in the Field (Photography)

Each Composition in the Field class begins with a talk with one of our experienced instructors, and then you and your fellow students take a stroll through one of a variety of photogenic locales (in any of the 20+ cities the DPA encapsulates).

by Digital Photo Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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Food Photography Club Logo

Photography (Beginner)

Photography Course is offered by Food Photography Club for Beginners. You'll be able to use your camera with confidence and actually know what you are doing! Get great repeatable results with your food photos.

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Photography Workshops 101 Logo

Photography Workshop

After 20 years of offering Photography workshops, we have never produced one workshop with similar outcome, there is no exact science in how we do things but what remains consistent in our Photography classes are the specific instructions in perfect lighting.

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