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The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) empowers individuals and organisations to adapt and thrive in the face of relentless change.

Since 1941, AIM has supported Australia’s workforce through the provision of innovative and industry-focused education solutions. Our portfolio of short courses, qualifications, and higher education is constantly evolving to ensure we are best positioned to support our customers.

Commitment and dedication to the advancement of Australia’s workforce is at the core of AIM and defines our organisational values:

  • Sydney Branch

    Ground Floor, 7 Macquarie Pl, Sydney
  • Brisbane Branch

    Level 9, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane

Courses offered by Australian Institute of Management (AIM)


Building High Performance Teams

The Building High Performance Teams short course examines the dynamics of teams in the workplace and the role of a leader in creating, nurturing, and maintaining a performance-based culture.

by Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is no longer just newsletters and company updates that are broadcast to an entire list at once. It's about delivering the correct message, to the right people of your list, at a time they're most likely to open and engage with it.

by Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Fast Thinking – Confident Speaking

The Fast Thinking – Confident Speaking short course will equip you with the skills and confidence to deal with a range of challenging and unexpected communication situations.

by Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Presenting With Impact

Any idea, no matter how great it is, will only be accepted if it is presented effectively. With the skills and confidence to properly engage your audience, you will be empowered to inspire and drive change.

by Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Risk Management

All business decisions involve some level of uncertainty or risk. The Risk Management short course focuses on how to create, implement, and evaluate a risk management strategy that supports organisational objectives and ensures that nothing is left to chance.

by Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

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