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We are a CIMA Registered Tuition Provider offering part-time and full time CIMA Blended Learning Tuition Classes for the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA BA1, BA2, BA3 & BA4) , CIMA Operational Level (CIMA P1, F1, E1), CIMA Management Level (CIMA P2, F2, E2), CIMA Strategic Level (CIMA F3, P3, E3 and Exam Preparation Lectures for CIMA Integrated Case studies (ICS), all Levels.

We also offer Accounting Services, Soft Skills Training, Business Skills Training, Research & Business Consulting.

We are here to assist you become a Chartered accountant [CA (SA)], A Chartered Global Management Accountant [CGMA] or A Chartered Certified Accountant, A Successful Enterprise or A Successful Entrepreneur Thereby Enriching your life & Enhancing your career.

  • Hatfield Branch

    Africa Centre for Work Based Learning, 1122 Burnett Street, Suite F-4A Hatfield Plaza Towers, Hatfield, Pretoria

Courses offered by Contemporary Training



CIMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) is the new self-directed, digital option for CIMA students to complete the CIMA Professional Qualification and earn the ACMA/ CGMA designations. The FLP program includes all the learning and resources you require to complete the CIMA professional qualification.

by Contemporary Training

Bookkeeping Course

Bookkeeping course is offered by Contemporary Training. Bookkeeping course has been designed to teach students how businesses prepare finacial statements. It covers the recording of transactions through to the final product.

by Contemporary Training

ACCA Qualification

Choose to study accounting with Contemporary training and we will provide you with skills and knowledge relevant to any business, which means you are free to choose which type of accountancy role and organisation you want to work for.

by Contemporary Training

CIMA Qualification

Study CIMA Professional qualification (Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting) to boost your career and earn the prestigious global CIMA professional qualification designation (ACMA / CGMA).

by Contemporary Training

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