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A guarantee that will last you a lifetime. We have been in existence since 1996 and have stood the test of time. Once you are a client of ours, you are entitled to this unique benefit.

It means that regardless if the caregiver should leave your employ for whatever reason you may come and select another caregiver from us FREE of charge.

To answer your question about the full-time, part-time, or permanent then, no worries – as long as you make use of us once the following caregiver and the ones after that are free of charge, and for life. To date, nobody has been able to equal our offer.

You will pay a once-off fee with no hidden costs. Remember that you have a life-long guarantee with us. Please refer to point no: 1 for a life-long guarantee.

There are no other costs involved with the agency. The salary you pay the carer will be direct, thus saving you a lot of money as we do not take any commissions from you.

As you pay the carer direct and not us we do not keep any commissions behind and then pay the carer therefore saving you money.

When you need to change or need somebody to fill in when she/he is not there we will help free of charge. All you do is make a call and we help you. No hidden costs, no questions asked and it is for life, as you have a life-long guarantee.

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Courses offered by First Class Care Giving



All about headaches

by First Class Care Giving
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Autoimmune Diseases

All the most common auto-immune diseases are discussed and information is given with the triggers of the diseases. What you will do for your clients to keep their immune system healthy. 

by First Class Care Giving

Skin Diseases and Conditions

The 21 most common skin conditions and how to recognize them. How to help your clients.

by First Class Care Giving

Exercise in and out of Bed

This module will give you the know-how to musculoskeletal fitness and joints that are free to move without any stiffness. Prevent decubitus and blood clots as well as contractures that can never be undone. 

by First Class Care Giving

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