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In the heart of the Brooklyn Cultural District, the Mark Morris Dance Center, founded in 2001, is the hub of dance and music education in Brooklyn. The nine-studio building provides affordable classes in multiple genres for people of all ages, levels, with and without disabilities, accompanied by live music.

The studios, a performance space, a Wellness Center, and ancillary spaces are all available to the community and to nonprofit organizations at subsidized rates. MMDG’s Community Education Programs partner with public and private schools and community centers to provide customized classes.

MMDG also offers customized dance workshops for persons with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers. MMDG programs in NYC and worldwide engage nearly 100,000 people annually.

  • Brooklyn Branch

    3 Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York

Courses offered by Mark Morris Dance Group

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West African Dance Fundamentals A/B (Ages 6-9 Years Old)

In this course, students learn to execute polyrhythmic patterns and practice multiple types of call & response cues performed both verbally and physically. This course explore the use of weight, body isolations, and dancing with the drummer.

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Tap Fundamentals (Ages 6-8)

This course draw from both the Broadway and the contemporary Rhythm-Tap styles and begin with a foot isolating warm-up, followed by rhythm and step-based skill building in both the center of the room and moving across the floor.

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Music & Singing Fundamentals (Ages 6-10)

This course draw from folk, classical, Broadway, and contemporary songbooks with a focus on breathing and vocal technique, rhythm, melody, song interpretation, and creativity.

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Modern Fundamentals (Ages 6-8)

This course is accompanied by live music and draw from a variety of classical and contemporary techniques.

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Jazz Fundamentals (Age 6-8)

Our classes draw from a variety of jazz styles both historical and contemporary ranging from Broadway, commercial, funk, and classical techniques. Students begin with a high energy warm-up, progress to across-the-floor exercises, and use skills and concepts to master choreography to various music s...

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