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What Does 'Mizan' Mean

Mizan (pronounced mee zaan) means balance, equity and justice. Mizan is the balance within the creation of the cosmos, the balance within our existence and it represents the scales that determine our eternal destiny.

We believe that the principle of the balanced way is essential in a world that is increasingly out of balance. Just as this harmonious balance is evident in the natural world, this mizan needs to be cultivated within each one of us.


The Mizan Mission

Our aim is to educate, inspire and show the absolute relevance of the Islamic message by extending the traditional text into the contemporary context. We believe that Islam presents a panoramic vision and we aspire to develop our students holistically in keeping with this vision.

Mizan offers a number of activities outside of the classroom including spiritual retreats, evenings of remembrance and prayer and an annual i’tikaaf programme. 

  • Johannesburg Branch

    Mountview Mosque, Warden crescent, Johannesburg

Courses offered by Mizan Institute



These courses are aimed at enabling a student with no Arabic background to understand the Qur’an directly in the Arabic language. Comprehensive Islamic Sciences are studied in the third year of the course with an option for non-Arabic studies students to opt-in.

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