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NEMISA offers specialist competence in disciplines related to film and television production, interactive media, animation, graphic design, and radio production.

Qualifying learners can make creative choices, display technical skills, generate content, work under the direction, and make suggestions to those with creative decision-making powers.

  • Johannesburg Branch

    Girton Road, Johannesburg

Courses offered by Nemisa


Graphic Design

We offer a one-year program that serves as a foundation for both Graphic Design and Animation. The course exposes learners to theoretical, practical and technological components of Graphic Design and Animation production.

by Nemisa

National Certificate: Film and Television

It is at level 5, meaning the programme is highly practical in terms of producing different genres, formats and durations in application of the industry skills.

by Nemisa

3D Animation & Visual Effects

We spend the course in the pursuit of Digital 3D Animation and Visual Effects. Graduates will acquire the skills necessary to work independently, collaboratively, and in-studio settings.

by Nemisa

National Certificate 2D Animation

The course exposes learners to theoretical, practical, and technological components of animation production in the 2D Animation Discipline.

by Nemisa

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