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NobleProg is an international training and consultancy group, delivering high quality courses to every sector, covering: Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, IT, Management, Applied Statistics.

Over the last 17 years, we have trained more than 50,000 people from over 6000 companies and organisations.

Our courses include classroom (both public and closed) and instructor-led online giving you choice and flexibility to suit your time, budget and level of expertise.

We practice what we preach – we use a great deal of the technologies and methods that we teach, and continuously upgrade and improve our courses, keeping up to date with all the latest developments.

Our trainers are hand picked and have been through rigorous checks and interviews, and all courses are evaluated by delegates ensuring continuous feedback and improvement.


NobleProg In Numbers

  • 17+ years of experience
  • 15+ offices all over the world
  • 1000+ trainers cooperating with NobleProg
  • 1400+ course outlines offered
  • 6100+ companies that entrusted us
  • 58k+ satisfied participants


NobleProg - The World’s Local Training Provider

Our mission is to provide comprehensive training and consultancy solutions all over the world, in an effective and accessible way, tailored to consumers’ needs . 

We offer practical, real-world knowledge supported by a full understanding of the theory. Our expert trainers are skilled in the latest knowledge transfer techniques, blending presentation, demonstration and hands-on learning. 

We understand that our learners are excited to be gaining new skills and we thrive off that energy to deliver exceptional training events. Investing in upskilling or reskilling with NobleProg means you stay ahead.  

Our catalogue is constantly evolving and we offer the most in-demand courses, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), as well as Apache Spark, OpenStack, TensorFlow, Selenium, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis. 

Our offer consists of more than 1,400 training outlines covering more than 120 technologies. At NobleProg we emphasize a need of not only following the latest technological trends, but also anticipating changes. We focus on delivering professional skills and certifications that will have a real impact. 


NobleProg's History

NobleProg was established in 2005 in Krakow, Poland, and has gradually expanded its operations to other global markets since. In just two years the first international branch was opened in London.

The overwhelming potential of NobleProg combined with the rising need for self-development programs, especially in the field of technological skills, prompted the company to change the business model into a franchise.

By doing so, in a short period of time the company allowed a number of people passionate about education and new technologies to join the NobleProg Team.

With each year the territorial reach of NobleProg was further expanding and we now have offices on every continent. NobleProg is the World's Local Training Provider.

Years of experience combined with thousands of delivered courses and the global character of NobleProg make us a leader in the advanced technology training market.

All of our operations are supported by powerful systems and continuously improved business processes, ensuring cooperation with our clients is efficient, dynamic and effective.

The variety of training solutions (from online courses, open and closed courses to weekend courses) allows us to deliver knowledge in the way that is most suitable for our clients.


What Makes Us Different?

Locally Global

NobleProg was established in 2005 in Krakow. With headquarters in Warsaw, London and New York, the company has branches all over the world, including Poland, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Dubai and Singapore.

The flexibility of our Instructors and optimized organization processes allow us to provide training anywhere in the world. 


One Step Ahead

Due to our global model of operations NobleProg can anticipate technological changes and trends in the local market. We are pioneers in introducing training on new technology that our competitors cannot match.

We are experts at creating customised or bespoke training to exactly meet our clients' needs. 


Knowledge Put Into Practice

NobleProg Instructors possess not only vast academic knowledge, both in their area of expertise and in teaching techniques, but most of all are practitioners in their field. 

They work in the technology environment, continuously improving their skills, understanding and insight into real world application. This experience sets NobleProg apart as our trainers deliver engaging and effective learning, combining theory with real world knowledge to give participants the skills and confidence to implement the learning in an impactful way. 


The Strength Of Small Groups

NobleProg training courses are frequently delivered to small groups, even one-to-one events. These intimate courses allow learners to benefit from intense support from the trainer. 


Strategic Partners

We are approved training partners for a select group of certifications and standards. We choose our partnerships with care to ensure that what we offer NobleProg clients is consistent with our committment to offer outstanding training of real value.

Our trainers cooperate directly with organizations creating new technologies. For example, we have a close relationship with OMG (Object Management Group), NobleProg experts serve on the OMG committee and assist in the creation of important standards in IT – BPMN and UML – as well as the certification path for those technologies.


Courses Tailored To Your Needs

Whilst we can boast an impressive catalogue of off the shelf course we specialise in providing customised or bespoke learning events. We work with our clients to create outlines which exactly meet their requirements.

This is a unique service which reallys sets us apart from the competition. We can apply this approach to short courses (1-5 days) or longer digital transformation or reskilling programmes. 


Guarantee Of Quality

By trusting NobleProg you will ensure the very highest quality training solutions tailored to your expectations. You will receive a pre-course questionnaire so that your trainer knows all about the cohort and can adjust delivery to reflect exprience levels or any requested focus areas.

Further, every single delivery is supervised by a dedicated Training Coordinator, whose sole role is to ensure that we provide a stellar learning event. 

  • Wellington Branch

    Gilmer Terrace, Wellington

Courses offered by NobleProg New Zealand



A highly participative course involving individual and group discussions and skills practice to enable delegates to share ideas and develop their skill levels. Audience Anyone who is looking to enhance their assertiveness skills.

by NobleProg New Zealand

Meditation and Mindfulness

This instructor-led, live training in New Zealand (online or onsite) is aimed at beginner-level professionals who wish to have a toolkit of mindfulness and communication strategies to navigate diverse communication challenges and build stronger, more positive relationships.

by NobleProg New Zealand

Stress Management

Stress management approaches include: Learning skills such as problem-solving, focusing on important tasks first and managing your time.

by NobleProg New Zealand

Personality Development

Personal Development training is available as "online live training" or "onsite live training". Onsite live Personal Development trainings in New Zealand can be carried out locally on customer premises or in NobleProg corporate training centers.

by NobleProg New Zealand


In this instructorled, live training, participants will learn how to prepare and deliver a convincing PowerPoint presentation. From technical preparation to skillful delivery, each essential point is covered in this interactive workshop.

by NobleProg New Zealand

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