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Our Story

Located in the outskirts of LA in the San Fernando Valley, Open Door Coffee Training started from a passion for coffee, training, and people. We believe in bettering the experiences of others through proper training from day one.

Our passions lie in working with small shops, cafes, and mom & pop businesses. We look to align ourselves with business owners and managers who are interested in investing in their employees future by providing and creating training programs to provide a better experience for their people and ultimately their customers. This includes approachable training with Trainers that are passionate about working with people, teaching the craft of coffee, and developing the skills of others.

We look to build relationships with each and every one of our clients and create a network of businesses looking to provide better experiences through training for themselves, their crew, and their customers.



Our mission is to provide affordable support for small coffee businesses, providing the playbook and empowering you to run a successful coffee business.

Time and ideas will be invested into your business, ultimately conspiring to each other’s success.


Barista Training

Elevating the standards and skills of your Baristas.

  • Brewing delicious espresso

  • Crafting beverages with high-quality milk

  • Equipment maintenance


Cafe Consulting

Investing time and ideas into your business needs

  • Fast-tracking your learning and success

  • Cafe Operations

  • Menu Development


  • Los Angeles Branch

    Becca Smith, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles

Courses offered by Open Door Coffee Training


Barista Basics Course

By the end of our time together, you will have clarity on the fundamentals of brewing espresso, how to steam milk and achieve latte art ready milk, and how to make perfectly tasty coffee beverages.

by Open Door Coffee Training

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