Barista Basics Course

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By the end of our time together, you will have clarity on the fundamentals of brewing espresso, how to steam milk and achieve latte art ready milk, and how to make perfectly tasty coffee beverages.


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img Duration

2.5 Hours

Course Details

What you will learn

  • Brewing and tasting espresso

  • Techniques for Steaming milk and achieving microfoam

  • Introduction to standard coffee menu items such as latte, flat white, and macchiato.

  • Basics of Latte Art

  • Best practices and troubleshooting techniques

  • Maintenance and cleanliness of equipment


Where the training takes place

We come to your business! No travel is required on your behalf.


How many people can participate?

The recommended amount of participants is 3 in order to provide ample time to practice for each person.

If you would like to have more than three participants, let us know and we can arrange for this.



  • Los Angeles Branch

    Becca Smith, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles

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