Top 10 Barista Classes in USA |


There are various Barista training institutes offering ​Barista classes in the US​. You can definitely make a career as a Barista after mastering the course.


Here's a glimpse of what entails the course:



Courses offered


Fees ($)

Intelligentsia Coffee New York

Barista classes

2 days


Training Lab

Barista classes

2 days


American Barista and Coffee School

Barista classes

3 days



What are the best Barista training institutes in the US?


There are various Coffee Schools that provide ​Barista classes in the US​. Here's a list of them:


1. Intelligentsia Coffee New York Training Lab, ​New York, NY, United States​.

2. Texas Coffee School, ​Arlington, TX, United States​.

3. American Barista & Coffee School, ​Portland, OR, United States​.

4. Counter Culture Coffee, ​Washington, DC, United States​.


5. Counter Culture Coffee, ​Chicago, IL, United States​.


6. Intelligentsia Coffee Atlanta Training Lab, ​Atlanta, GA, United States​.


7. Procreate Coffee NYC, ​Brooklyn, NY, United States​.


What is the cost of Barista classes in the US?


The average ​costof taking ​Barista classes in the US ​range from $200 to $1500 for a two to three days class. There are different types of classes specialized in different things, the cost mainly depends upon the specialization.


What is the average duration of Barista classes in the US?


The ​average durationof ​Barista classes in the US​ varies from 2 to 5 days. The duration depends on your specialization.


Why get Barista training in the USA?


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has set a completely new benchmark in the coffee and barista industries in the US, that is unparalleled in the world. The newly introduced curriculum by the SCA ensures that the trainees come out ready with all the necessary skills and knowledge in and about the industry and more!


This is the primary reason why getting a barista training in the US can prove to be very beneficial for the trainee, both for skills and certification.


What will I learn in the Barista training course in the USA?

You should learn ​Barista classes in the US ​because of the following reasons:


  • You will learn to operate all coffee machines
  • Make each coffee on the menu
  • Foam the silky milk correctly
  • Use and set the coffee grinder
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine


What jobs will I get as a Barista in the US?


After completing the classes ​Barista classes in the US​, you can opt for the following career options:


  • Join a Coffee shop as a Barista.
  • Open your own coffee shop.
  • Train others aspiring to be Baristas.

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Barista Training

This course is designed for anyone thinking about becoming a Barista as a part or full-time career or just if you want to impress your friends and family with your latte art skills.

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