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Nightflyer Roastworks

We're proud to introduce a new series of free, accessible coffee educational opportunities at the Lab at Undercurrent Coffee. Several times a month, we'll be opening the doors of our Coffee Education Lab to our community to taste through and learn about the coffees we're serving behind our bar.

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Seed to Cup

As the name suggests, this class provides an overview of the coffee manufacturing process and how our coffee gets to us. From harvesting to roasting, this class is designed for seasoned baristas and shop owners to coffee industry newcomers.

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Roasting 911

It is a customized class based on students’ needs. We will fulfill students’ expectations with specific strategies of roasting to accomplish their goals. Bring your questions! We will answer it!

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The focus of this class is to get some basic impressions and physical understanding of the product and roasting process. You will learn how to and practice distinguishing between green coffee and roasted coffee, identify the change in roaster flame control

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Roasting Skills

This is a three-day class comprised of lecture, coursework, and practical evaluation. Its required prerequisite is successful certification in the Intermediate level for the same module, plus passing a required 6-month waiting period between Intermediate certification and enrollment in this class.

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Coffee Roasting

The Workshop offers public classes covering everything from home brewing to coffee roasting, private classes that can be customized to fit your goals, and corporate classes to bring your team together. Our goal is to create welcoming and accessible learning opportunities for everyone.

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Quality Coffee Brewing Class

This coffee class is an exciting day of education that focuses on the fundamentals of quality-oriented brewing. Through guided hands-on brewing experiments and tasting exercises with today's most popular brewing equipment, students will learn how to isolate and control individual factors that affec...

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The Roasting module is a comprehensive program geared to equipping students in how to optimize the roasting potential of green beans.  Each level offers theory and much hands on experience, enabling students to leave well trained and confident to further excel outside of the classroom. 

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Home Roasting

If you’ve ever wanted to roast your own coffee at home, this event will teach you everything to get started. We cover the basics of green coffee, coffee picking, milling and processing styles, grading, terminology, coffee origins, and where to buy home roasting machines.

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Introduction to Small-Batch Roasting

This class is perfect for anyone, from home roasters looking to take that “next step” to experienced roasters looking for an introduction to the Mill City’s interesting variable drum and fan speeds.

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