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Ciao! My name is Marina, welcome to Pasta Journey!

In Italy, making pasta together is a Sunday tradition. We cook together and express our love for family and friends through food. My pasta journey began at four years of age in my Grandmother Benedetta’s kitchen in Sicily, where she taught me to craft my first handmade tagliatelle. I love to teach and can’t wait to share my family recipes with you.

Prior to arriving in Australia, I Iived in Bologna, the Italian capital of pasta making. There I learnt how to master different flours and to blend them properly with eggs or water.

Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong have also be my home. During my time abroad, I would regularly prepare Italian food to remain connected to my heritage and family back home.

When living in Taipei, I also founded the successful in-home cooking school “Ginger Kitchen”.

  • Moonee Ponds Branch

    4/5 Argyle St, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne

Courses offered by Pasta Journey


Tortellini Class

Learn the art of dough rolling and how to use your hands to shape and stuff the delicate tortellini dumpling. You will learn how to make the perfect tortellini every time without over-stuffing.

by Pasta Journey

Virtual Pasta Making Masterclass

In this step-by-step class, you will learn how to combine flour and eggs to make a soft, silky dough by hand and roll it using a pasta machine.

by Pasta Journey

The Art Of Making Gnocchi At Home

Making good gnocchi is an art! So come and learn how to make the perfect fluffy and soft gnocchi in this live online class. In this step-by-step virtual class, which is perfect for beginners, you will learn how to combine flour and the right kind of potatoes to make soft, silky gnocchi pillows.

by Pasta Journey

Vegetarian Ravioli Class

In this class you will learn how to make tortelloni with one of the most decadent fillings: the simple and delicious combination of slowly roasted spinach and ricotta. Also, we will make the delicate EGG YOLK ravioli (uovo in raviolo) using the same filling.

by Pasta Journey

Hand Rolled Pasta

Looking for a fun activity to get all your family involved? Or want to make pasta without all the fuss and equipment? Learn how to hand-make your own fresh and scrumptious pasta in this fun virtual cooking class!

by Pasta Journey
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