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Sunshine Coast’s top cooking classes “Licensed to Spice” are held locally in Caloundra, the gem of the Sunshine Coast. Pick your favourite cuisine from the choice of classes and experience a fun morning learning all about the herbs and spices used in each cuisine. It’s all about the spice! Cook a 5 course meal and then sit down and relax and eat the delicious food you have prepared and cooked throughout the morning.

Vicki Taylor is an excellent teacher and an experienced cook having lived, travelled and worked in many international countries. Vicki’s passion is food, herbs and spices and experimenting with recipes to put her own twist on them. After running her popular spice blending classes for many years, Vicki now wants to share her knowledge and passion of some wonderful international cuisines.

  • Caloundra Branch

    65 Bulcock St, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Courses offered by Red Hot Chilli Pepper


Moroccan Couscous

Meat, seafood and Poultry tagines, couscous, harissa and preserved lemons mixed with nuts and perfumed waters of rose and orange-blossom are just some of the common dishes found in this fascinating country.

by Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Spiced Persian Dip

The food of the Middle East & North Africa include elaborate aromatic dishes that derive from using exotic herbs and spices.

by Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Aussie Bush Nuts

Australia has a myriad of Aussie bush spices and we have some fantastic recipes for you to easily make in the comfort of your own home.

by Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Asian Style Meatballs

Asia is such a diverse region with so many different influences. Asian cuisine includes the use of fresh exotic spices like chillies, ginger, galangal, lemongrass and copious amounts of fresh herbs like coriander, Vietnamese mint, Thai Basil etc.

by Red Hot Chilli Pepper

South Indian Chicken Curry

South Indian Chicken Curry classes are offered by Red Hot Chilli Pepper.

by Red Hot Chilli Pepper

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