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RKD is a Freestyle or Mixed Martial Art (MMA) that focuses on a practical approach to self defence, and the physical health and mental well-being of our students. It is idealteam building events perth for women’s self defence.

And we regularly run women’s self defence courses. We run out of a dedicated facility (not a hired hall), specifically set up for martial arts training in the Perth suburb of Bassendean.

The self defence syllabus of RKD is based on the Krav Maga Worldwide syllabus. Krav Maga is well known for being an effective form of self defence. We complement the Krav Maga aspects of self defence with other disciplines.

  • Perth Branch

    3 / 15 Dyer Road, Perth

Courses offered by RKD Martial Arts


Women’s Self Defence Course

Learn Practical Self Defence with our Perth Women’s Self Defence Course. Our unique self defence classes will help you to understand and use the instinctual defence reactions of the body as a natural mechanism to defend yourself successfully!

by RKD Martial Arts
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You do not need any experience in martial arts to start training in our RKD Kickboxing Perth classes. It is our job to teach you what you need to know. Our Kickboxing Perth classes are all blended classes with a goal of continuous improvement.

by RKD Martial Arts

Kids Parkour

In our Kids Parkour Perth classes your child will learn: Parkour fundamentals such as proper jumping, landing, rolling and safety vault technique.

by RKD Martial Arts

30EXF (Fitness Classes)

Whether this is your chance to try and hit that health and fitness New Years Resolution you’ve neglected up until now or you need a kick start to your ideal body and fitness goals, then our fitness classes are for you!

by RKD Martial Arts

Eskrima (Kali/Arnis)

Eskrima (Kali/Arnis), is a Filipino stick, knife and unarmed fighting system and is the style that forms the basis of most reality based combat systems, due to it’s effectiveness.

by RKD Martial Arts

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