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Who We Are

For close to 60 years, SIM has innovated as a learning institution, with our commitment to lifelong learning deeply ingrained in our philosophy. We are dedicated to developing and upskilling talent, growing 

In the global workforce. Our goal is to provide learning experiences and solutions that transform higher education, accelerate professional development, and build leadership capacity for managing complexity. Our focus is to integrate learning in the workplace to improve employability and the ability to pivot and grow organisational success.

As a comprehensive learning institution, we cover the gamut of learning with our two core entities – SIM Global Education and SIM Academy.

SIM Global Education connects future leaders that come through our doors with globally recognised education programmes. We harness new knowledge, skills, and technology to transform learning and shape future talent with critical skills and knowledge to thrive in a diverse, complex, and interconnected world.

Through our partnerships with renowned universities, a diverse and inclusive learning environment, and industry-relevant programmes, we develop graduates with industry skills, knowledge, and cultural intelligence to be career-ready and excel in a globalised society.


Professional Development

Offering a comprehensive range of upskilling and career enhancing programmes and solutions tailored for working professionals. We aim to empower working professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to become change-makers who can lead and contribute effectively to today’s volatile and uncertain business landscape. Complementing this, our 


Enterprise Solutions

 purpose is dedicated to partnering with organisations to develop their talent and human capital, to align their workforce with corporate strategic goals, through fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to foster innovation and forge strong collaborations to provide high-quality education and learning that prepares individuals for success in an ever-changing world.

At the core of our mission, we aspire to create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our students and learners, shaping the future of Singapore and extending our influence beyond. Our tagline, Learn for Life, Thrive for Life, encapsulates the values we inculcate into all learners, as learning never stops at SIM.

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    461 Clementi Road, Central

Courses offered by SIM Global Education


Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

The digital revolution has led to a massive shift towards new media marketing, communications and analytics in both SMEs and multinational organisations.

by SIM Global Education

Graduate Diploma in Management

This programme is designed for students who want a formal qualification in a specialist area of management. It provides a solid understanding of the different functional areas of business to develop excellent analytical skills for management.

by SIM Global Education

Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management

The Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting and Financial Management is the result of a close partnership between The University of London and School of Management at University College London.

by SIM Global Education

Master of Business Administration

Having an advanced degree in business and management is not enough to help you stay ahead in today’s competitive global environment.

by SIM Global Education

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Department of Sociology in UB is a member of the American Sociological Society and the undergraduate Sociology program was founded in 1920.

by SIM Global Education

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