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Music is a language, a mode of communication. Our goal at Southern Park Music School is to help people become musically literate. Music literacy involves the ability to read and write music, and the ability to understand, perform, and create music.

The language of music can communicate a range of emotions, from joy to sadness, and a range of moods, from tenderness to majesty. Music can communicate a depth of emotion beyond words. A greater understanding of music often allows a more profound experience of the beauty of music, both as a listener and a performer.

At Southern Park Music School, we believe that the best way to explore the language of music is with the help of a qualified and experienced teacher. All of our instructors have a college degree as well as extensive music training and experience. Many of our instructors have a Master's degree.

We also believe that learning music is a life-long process. We offer music training to students of all ages, from Musikgarten classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, to private lessons for children in school, and lessons for adults who are interested in learning a new instrument or revisiting an old friend.

We place a high priority on excellent customer service. Students have regularly scheduled lessons with a consistent teacher. We respond quickly to email and voice mail inquiries.

We recommend enrolling for an Interview Lesson before committing to a semester of study. The Interview enables the student (and parents) to meet the teacher, see the School, and determine if the course of study proposed by the teacher is a good match for all concerned. Interview Lessons may be reserved by check, cash, or PayPal.

  • Maddison Park Branch

    4805 Park Road, Suite 230, Maddison Park, Charlotte NC

Courses offered by Southern Park Music School



Violin Lessons are offered by Southern Park Music School

by Southern Park Music School


We believe that a child needs to be 9 years or older to begin to fully grasp vocal technique. Voice lessons can be taught to children as young as 6 years old, but they will be taught at an age appropriate level. We recommend our Musikgarten classes (provide live link for Musikgarten page) for chil...

by Southern Park Music School


The flute can be difficult for younger children to hold properly. Because of this, we believe a child should be at least 9 years old (in the fourth grade) to start flute lessons. Younger children may be interested in recorder lessons until they are old enough for flute

by Southern Park Music School


We recommend that your child be a confident reader before beginning piano lessons. He/she also needs to have an attention span of 30 minutes

by Southern Park Music School


Generally the child needs to be able to support the weight of the instrument with a neck strap, and be able to reach all the keys comfortably. Most children can do this by around 5th grade. If the child is ready before this age, great

by Southern Park Music School

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