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Viva Dance, located in central Auckland, is all about making dance fun and accessible for all, because we know that dance is for EVERY body. No matter your age, ability, wishes, hopes and dreams, dance will get you there.

We offer REAL dance classes for REAL people, and because we know everyone is different we also offer a wide range of styles and options, from casual dance fitness classes to 8-week progressive courses and everything in between.

Come along and let us help you discover what dance can do for you! We want Viva Dance to be your happy place.

  • Newton Branch

    Viva Dance Studios 10 Newton Rd, Newton, Auckland

Courses offered by Viva Dance

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Tango is a partner dance. We run progressive 8 week courses which you can join up to week 2.

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This is a solo dance style for women which will get you fit as well as teaching you some great moves.

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Jazz is a solo dance style suitable for men and women. These courses are progressive and can be joined up to week 2 or 3.

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Hip Hop

The classes are choreography based, you will learn a new routine incorporating different hip hop techniques every couple of weeks. The classes can be joined at any time.

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For beginners we run 8 week courses that cover Latin and Standard Ballroom Styles.: Once completing the beginner curriculum you can graduate on to intermediate level classes.

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