Are you looking for Data Science courses in New Zealand? Here are the Top 10 Data Science training courses in New Zealand.


The course fee for Data Science training courses in New Zealand ranges from $695 for a 1-day Power BI Dashboard In a Day (DIAD) course, up to $2995 for a 3-day Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course.


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24 course(s) offered by institutes in New Zealand
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Abdurrahman TEKIN

Machine Learning Mastery: From Data to Advanced Classifiers

Mastering Machine Learning: From Data Import to Model Evaluation with Advanced Classifiers

Online by Abdurrahman TEKIN
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Victoria University of Wellington Logo

Practical Data Analysis

It will also help you better understand the analysis done by others so it can inform your own work or so you can play the increasingly important role of data translator within your organisation.

Cheapest by Victoria University of Wellington [ Claim Listing ]

Techtorium NZIIT Logo

Artificial Intelligence

Learn about AI; what it is and how it can be used. Find out about its real-world applications and how they relate to you. You will explore machine learning and the logic, ethics, and impacts of AI.

Cheapest by Techtorium NZIIT [ Claim Listing ]
ACE Training Ltd Logo

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

This course will discuss the various methods and best practices that are in line with business and technical requirements for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI.

by ACE Training Ltd [ Claim Listing ]
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Industry Connect Logo

Data Analyst / BI Job Ready Programme

A.I. is coming, but this role is always needed! BI and data analyst jobs are the epitome of future-proof careers, impervious to AI replacement. They serve as a preferred choice for career changers and IT graduates with a passion for data and business.

Cheapest by Industry Connect [ Claim Listing ]
ILX Group New Zealand Logo

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, making it possible for them to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks.

by ILX Group New Zealand [ Claim Listing ]
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SSDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd Logo

Data Science Training

SSDN Technologies is the best institute for best Data Science training course   will make you an expert in data analytics using the latest programming languages. The course will make you enable to utilize your Data Science skills in making uniformed business decisions.

Cheapest by SSDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd [ Claim Listing ]

Learning People Logo

Data Scientist

This training will first provide a foundation of data architecture, statistics, and data analysis programming skills using Python and R which will be the first step in acquiring the knowledge to transition away from using disparate and legacy data sources.

Cheapest by Learning People [ Claim Listing ]
Auckland University of Technology Logo

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Programme

The Data Science & AI Programme can be taken in either 24 weeks part time or 12 weeks full time and is designed for career-driven professionals to transition into the big data and AI industry.

Cheapest by Auckland University of Technology [ Claim Listing ]

Media Design School Logo

Data Science Essentials

The purpose of data science is to gather value and insight from raw data so as to give businesses actionable insights. Data scientists use a range of tools to extra data from the internet, smart devices, workstations and customers.

Cheapest by Media Design School [ Claim Listing ]
Lumify Group Logo

Power BI Dashboard In a Day (DIAD)

Power BI is an interactive data visualisation software product developed by Microsoft with a primary focus on business intelligence. It supports data driven decision making.

by Lumify Group [ Claim Listing ]
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