Top 10 BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) Classes in South Africa |


Course Fees : R75500 to R75500

BCom course in South Africa helps to enhance the knowledge of students to observe the financial sectors better and understand how the markets function.


With the growing opportunities and careers in the finance sector in South Africa, the Bachelor of Commerce degree has become well-known amongst enthusiastic students, encouraging them to join study programs in South Africa


The following details might help you understand the various aspects of the BCom courses in South Africa better.


Why get a BCom degree in South Africa?


  • Share Market of SA: South Africa is home to the most profitable share market, with the market constantly boosting its growth with time.


  • Multicultural exposure: The BCom Course in South Africa allows you to learn more from attending lectures, communicating with students from all around the world, and understanding the real-time market through internships and part-time opportunities.


  • Local Laws: Not to forget, the strict work-ethic, academics, and business regulations make sure that no one has financial issues under such a robust environment.


What is the fee of BCom Degree course in South Africa?


Refer to this table to get an idea of the fee for BCom courses in South Africa.





Cornerstone Institute


52,790 Rand per year 

The University of Johannesburg


73,320 Rand per year.



What is the average duration of BCom course in South Africa?


 The BCom course in South Africa can take you from 3 years to 6 years depending on which study program you go for (part-time and full time).


 Part-time course will last for 3 years, and full-time course can last for 5-6 years, depending upon the student’s pace of completion of their practical   projects.


What are the most famous BCom Schools in South Africa?


BCom course in South Africa is available under various prominent institutes such as:


1. Cornerstone Institute, Cape Town, South Africa

2. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

3. The University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.

4. AFDA, Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

5. Regent Business School, South Africa, Durban, Johannesburg.

6. The University of Fort Hare, Alice, South Africa


What will I learn by taking BCom courses in South Africa?


Various subjects will help you grasp the knowledge of the financial industry through a BCom Course in South Africa.


Under this program, the students learn an array of practical and theoretical programs such as:


  • Accounting Science.
  • Investment Management. 
  • Economics.
  • Banking.
  • Business Management. 
  • Quantitative Management. 


What jobs I can get after taking BCom course in South Africa?


After completing your study program under the BCom course in South Africa, here are the jobs you can go for:


  • Finance Controller. 
  • Economist.
  • Cost Accountant.
  • Portfolio Manager.
  • Tax Auditor.
  • Accountant Executive.