Planning to learn Personal Training in South Africa?


Here is a table of Personal Trainer certification classes in South Africa along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

AFPA South Africa


Personal Trainer

8 Weeks

R28 000 

FitPro Fitness Education


National Certificate in Fitness

1 Year

R40 600

TriFocus Fitness Academy


National Certificate of Personal Training

1 Year

R10 900

HFPA Fitness Academy


National Personal Trainer Certificate

12 months

R39 500



Personal Trainer

8 weeks

R28 000

Eta College


Personal Trainer

10 months

R14 000

Physical IQ


Personal Training

7 to 12 months

R11 400



Personal Training and Conditioning Certificate

10 months

R45 000

Northlink College


Sports Fitness Trainer

1 year

R27 400


Cape Town

Fitness Instructor





What are the Top Personal Trainer coaching centres in South Africa?


1. AFPA, Sandton

2. FitPro, Johannesburg

3. Tri Focus Fitness, Randburg

4. HFPA, Durban

5. IFPA SA, Sandton

6. ETA College, Bloemfontein

7. Physical IQ, Durban

8. SSISA, Capetown

9. Northlink College, Capetown

10. OXIFA, Capetown



What is the cost of Personal Trainer classes in South Africa?


Personal Trainer courses have an average price of R10000 - R45000 depending on the level.



What is the duration of Personal Trainer classes in South Africa?


Courses have a duration of 8 weeks,10 months and 1 year.



What is the salary of a Personal Trainer in South Africa?


A person working as a Personal Trainer in South Africa typically earns around 33,300 ZAR per month. Salaries range from 15,300 ZAR (lowest) to 53,000 ZAR (highest).

11 course(s) offered by institutes in South Africa
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International Academy of Health and Skin Care Logo

Fitness Course

This fitness certificate aims to ensure that the fitness practices applied adhere to sound principles drawn from exercise science and safety principles.

Cheapest by International Academy of Health and Skin Care [ Claim Listing ]
Trifocus Fitness Academy Logo

Personal Training Diploma

Become an Advanced Personal Trainer with the Trifocus Platinum Package – this is the most advanced Personal Trainer package currently available in the South African Market.

Cheapest by Trifocus Fitness Academy [ Claim Listing ]
X-treme Fitness Logo

Personal Training

Individual private classes. aimed at getting the best out of our members by identifying there weak attributes and focusing on them and for those who would like to do a little more then the ordinary classes.

Cheapest by X-treme Fitness [ Claim Listing ]
Eta College East London Logo

Personal Trainer

This personal trainer course will give you the knowledge and skills to launch your career as a personal trainer. Our personal trainer certificate is an accredited qualification which is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals in South Africa (REPSSA).

Cheapest by Eta College East London [ Claim Listing ]
The Poling Station Logo

Personal Training

One on one sessions with a personal trainer or you can exercise in groups.

by The Poling Station [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Fast Fitness Logo

National Certificate in Fitness

A full qualification which allows you to work internationally as a Personal Trainer and Conditioning Coach.

Cheapest by Fast Fitness [ Claim Listing ]

HFPA Fitness Academy Logo

Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainer course is an occupational skills programme which provides 81 credits towards the National Certificate in Fitness (NCIF). The Personal Trainer course is your shortest route to becoming a personal trainer and qualifies you to work internationally. 

Cheapest by HFPA Fitness Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Ignite Fitness Logo

Personal Trainer

Do you have a REPSSA recognised fitness qualification. Experience and qualifications in functional fitness, strength and conditioning, combat sports, CrossFit and an insatiable passion for all things fitness.

Cheapest by Ignite Fitness [ Claim Listing ]

BodyBeat Studio Logo

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer course is offered by BodyBeat Studio for all skill level. BodyBeat is a private gym and lifestyle centre located in Parkhurst that offers professional personal training services from experienced and reputable trainers. 

Cheapest by BodyBeat Studio [ Claim Listing ]
AFPA Fitness Logo

Personal Trainer Course

Personal Trainer course is offered by AFPA Fitness for all skill level. AFPA keeps you, the personal trainer up to date with all the latest information and techniques inthe fitness industry.

Cheapest by AFPA Fitness [ Claim Listing ]
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