Planning to learn Russian in the UK?


Here is a table of Russian language classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

Russian Language Centre

London, UK

Russian Group Courses

10 weeks

2 weeks

£275 - Standard Daytime

£330 - Standard Saturday

Bristol Language School

Bristol, UK

Russian Complete Beginner’s Course

90 minutes / 10 sessions



Cactus Worldwide Ltd.

Manchester, UK

Russian Courses (Beginner and Elementary)

10 weeks



Language Hub

Nottingham, UK

Russian Courses

10 weeks



London, UK

Russian Courses for Beginners

5 weeks

14 weeks



Live Language

Glasgow, UK

Russian Course

1-30 hours per week

£32 per hour

£42 per hour

Russian Language Centre Manchester

Manchester, UK

Russian Beginners Course

2 terms



The Language Centre

Newcastle, UK

Russian (Beginner and Upper Intermediate)

9 weeks

£142.50 - full term (15hours)

University of Sussex

Brighton, UK

Russian Beginners

12 weeks


University of Leicester

Leicester, UK


1 term / 10 weeks




What are the Top Russian language centers in the UK?


1. Russian Language Centre, London, UK

2. Bristol Language School, Bristol, UK

3. Cactus Worldwide Ltd., Manchester, UK

4. Language Hub, Nottingham, UK

5. Russian-Lessons.Co.Uk, London, UK

6. Live Language, Glasgow, UK

7. Russian Language Centre, Manchester, UK

8. The Language Centre, Newcastle, UK

9. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

10. University of Leicester, Leicester, UK



What is the cost of Russian language classes in the UK?


As you can see on the table above, the average cost of Russian Language courses is from £32 to £355.


Also, as indicated on the table above, there are choices like Beginners, Elementary, Upper Intermediate and you can also take the course as a group. For Beginners course, the cost is from £142 to £225. For Elementary that is £245.


For Russian Group courses, you can choose from Standard Daytime, Standard Saturday and Intensive Evening. It will cost you £275, £330 and £355, respectively.


Lastly, you can pay by hour for Private that is £32 and for Semi-Private that is £42.



What is the duration of Russian language classes in the UK?


The duration of Russian Language courses will take roughly from 2 weeks to 20 weeks. Some institutes offer it per term or per session.



What is the salary of a Translator with Russian Language Skills in the UK?


The average base pay salary of a Russian language teacher is about $46,276/yr.


22 course(s) offered by institutes in UK
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Amity College Limited Logo


language class is offered by Amity College Limited.We offer a range of courses that will meet your needs, whether for business, further studies overseas or travelling.

Cheapest Institute by Amity College Limited [ Claim Listing ]
The Language Centre Logo


Russian language course is offered by The Language Centre for all skill level. We have courses from beginners to very advanced students, taught by experienced native speakers or teachers who have spent part of their lives in one of the countries where the language is spoken.

Cheapest Institute by The Language Centre [ Claim Listing ]
Southsea Language School Logo


Russian Language Course is Offered by Southsea Language School.

Cheapest Institute by Southsea Language School [ Claim Listing ]

Newcastle International School NIS Logo


Russian language class is offered by Newcastle International School NIS.Our courses are from beginner to advanced level. We recognise each student has individual language learning goals.

Cheapest Institute by Newcastle International School NIS [ Claim Listing ]
Listen and Learn Logo

Russian Lessons

Our Russian speakers, fully qualified to teach their native tongue, can train you and, if need be, the rest of your group at a time that is suitable to you, at your home or place of work.

Cheapest Institute by Listen and Learn [ Claim Listing ]
Cactus Logo

Russian Language Courses

Learn Russian with our Russian language courses, which are delivered using a proven learning method.

Cheapest Institute by Cactus [ Claim Listing ]
Language Trainers Logo

Russian Classes

Did you know that Russian is one of 6 official languages of the United Nations, in addition to being the official language of Russia itself? Russian is also spoken extensively in Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

Cheapest Institute by Language Trainers [ Claim Listing ]

International House Logo

Learn Russian

If you have never studied Russian before these courses are for you. Whether you're looking for an introduction to the language before a holiday, or want to study intensively, we have a range of  classes available.

Cheapest Institute by International House [ Claim Listing ]
Lingua Diversa Group Logo

Russian Language

We organise small group courses in our offices in Holborn in the evenings.

Cheapest Institute by Lingua Diversa Group [ Claim Listing ]
Inlingua Edinburgh Logo

Russian Language

We care about your progress. Where other courses might leave you in pairs to practice with someone at the same level as you, our trainer pays attention to each individual student and is always on hand to correct errors along the way.

Institute by Inlingua Edinburgh [ Claim Listing ]
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