Planning to take Arts and Crafts classes in the US?


Arts and crafts in the US date back to the arts and crafts movement that created ripples across the country in the Victorian era. And since that time, arts and crafts have been an integral part of American society. Currently, the USA is an education magnet that attracts more than 1 million foreign students every year. And the country offers a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in art and craft. This is why art and craft training in the USA is one of the sought-after education courses for international students. In fact, the US universities that offer art and craft courses top the world university rankings, thus making the training program even more compelling.

Here’s a glimpse of  arts and crafts training in the USA:






Yale University


2 Years


Rutgers University


2 Years

$ 18216 (residents) and $28800 (non-residents)

Bard College


2 Years


Maryland Institute College of Art


2 Years



Why learn Arts and Crafts in the US?

Art and craft training in the USA comprises either specialized stand-alone institutions or programs embedded within a larger university, which is instrumental in imparting quality education.

The art and craft sector is capable of handling economic turbulence and such professionals never remain out of job. Therefore, having a US university degree in art and craft ensures job security.

Moreover, the average salary for art and craft professionals in the USA ranges from $30000 to $77000, which is way more than a biology or accountancy graduate. 

What is the cost of Art and Craft classes in the USA?

Art and craft training in the USA is a costly affair. While annual fees for most universities hovers around $30000, institutes like Bard College offer an MFA course at approximately $21000. 

What is the duration of Art and Craft Classes in the USA?

Depending on the type of course, the average duration varies from one course to the other. While a Bachelor’s program can take 3 years to complete, a Master’s program is typically 2 years long.

What are the best Art and Craft institutes in the USA?

These are the most famous colleges for art and craft training in the USA:

1. CUNY – Hunter College

2. Florida State University

3. University of Denver

4. School of Visual Arts

5. University of Florida

6. Michigan State University

7. University at Buffalo

8. The University of Texas – Dallas

9. Montclair State University

10. Pacific Northwest College of Art


What will I learn from Art and Craft courses in the USA?

Art and craft training in the USA has better in technological aspects such as 3D art and crafts & Animation.


By the end of this course you may be hired by the museum or art galleries for the private and corporate collection. You may also work in colleges as faculty, or run private workshops and classes


You may be the graphic designer because of the subject as animation is included in the curriculum of this course.


You can also be self-employed & work in these areas such as glass art and craft, tattoo designing, conventional canvas art and craft, pot art and craft, etc.



What jobs can I get as an Artist in the USA?

The job profiles of taking art and craft training in the USA are as the following

  • Editor
  • Furniture Designer
  • Art Director
  • 3d Artist
  • Animator

138 course(s) offered by institutes in USA
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Redding Makerspace Logo


Pottery classes are offered by Redding Makerspace

Cheapest by Redding Makerspace [ Claim Listing ]
North Valley Art League Logo

Oil, Acrylic Or Watercolor

The idea of this workshop is to give instruction on the process of painting Plein Air which is a French name for working in open air.

by North Valley Art League [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location

Back Porch Soap Company Logo

Cold Process Soap Making Class

Our soap making classes are a perfect those wanting to make and sell soap, fun party idea, outing, corporate party, or for brands, teams and businesses who are in search of memorable experiences for their guests, employees or clients.

Cheapest by Back Porch Soap Company
The Works Seattle Logo

Floral Arranging

Ready to craft an exceptional Valentine’s arrangement? Join us to learn the tricks of pro-flower arrangers and transform the bounty of lovely blooms into a gorgeous bouquet! Create bold shapes and dynamic arrangements using a variety of materials, while maximizing your flowers’ longevity.

by The Works Seattle [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Nieves Latin Dance Studio Logo

Painting (Ages 6 & Up)

Painting (Ages 6 & up) classes are offered by Nieves Latin Dance Studio. All Children are required to wear their uniforms to class.

by Nieves Latin Dance Studio [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location

Dabble Logo

Painting Class

Learn painting techniques while you enjoy a relaxing and creative activity together. No experience necessary and all skill levels are sure to have a great time!

Cheapest by Dabble [ Claim Listing ]
Artsy Rose Academy Logo

Winter Polar Bear Painting Class

It’s time to get creative and have some artsy fun!! Come relax and enjoy some traditional seasonal fun creating this Polar Bear in the snow on a 16×20 large canvas. The canvases are pre-drawn for you and paint colors can be customized as always.

by Artsy Rose Academy [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Academy of Make Up Arts Logo

Introduction to Drawing Course

In Introduction to Drawing at the AMUA, we will be utilizing the formal principles of design to learn how to draw. The first half of the semester, we will use only black, gray and white; and in the second, we will begin to use color.

Cheapest by Academy of Make Up Arts [ Claim Listing ]
Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality Center Logo


Turn your inspirations into designs with the jewelry design program. Turn your hobby into a possible career by enrolling in the jewelry design continuing education program. You will learn information that could help you make a career out of jewelry.

Cheapest by Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality Center [ Claim Listing ]
UT School of Design and Creative Technologies Logo

Drawing For Designers

Improve your skills of visual expression and communication through the act of Drawing. In the course we will experiment with various drawing media and examine the Principles and Elements of Design through conceptual and observational drawing.

Cheapest by UT School of Design and Creative Technologies [ Claim Listing ]
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