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The US beauty industry is one of the biggest profit churners. In 2015, the industry generated USD 56 billion in revenue and the numbers have only increased since then.


This is why the demand for beauticians in the US refuses to fizzle out. And to that end, there are a wide range of beautician courses in the US that caters to this ever-growing demand. 






Peralta Community College District

Associate of Science - Cosmetology

3 Semesters


Community college of Spokane

Associate in Applied Science - Cosmetology

3 Semesters

USD 25066


Why should you take a Beautician Course in the USA?


Taking up a beautician course in the US has the following benefits: 


  • The beauty industry in the US is huge and therefore has job opportunities in abundance.
  • The beauty industry is hardly affected by recession and therefore it offers better job security.
  • Get hands-on experience and learn from industry experts.  


What is the cost of a Beautician Course in the USA?


The average cost of a Beautician course in the USA varies from USD 5000 - 1000 whereas pursuing a beautician course from top universities can cost between USD 10000 - 20000. 


What is the average duration of a Beautician course in the USA?


The average duration of a Beautician course in the USA varies from one year to four years. There are different levels of degrees available for students like associates, certificates and undergraduate certificates.


What are the most famous Beauty schools in the USA?


All over the USA, there are many institutes who offer Beautician course, some well known Beautician Institutes in the USA are as follows:


1. Delta College, Bay City

2. Lincoln College, Lincoln

3. Mott Community College, Flint

4. Northeast Alabama Community College, Rainsville

5. Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City

6. Northwest-Shoals Community College, Muscle Shoals


What will I learn by taking a Beautician Course in the USA?


By pursuing a Beautician Course in the USA, you learn the following: 


  • Basic hair cutting, design, and artistry
  • Basics of cosmetology such as physiology and anatomy, sanitation and infection control. 
  • Chemical reformation techniques.
  • Understand salon operations in detail.


What jobs can I get as a Beautician in the USA?


You can always open your own Salon after taking a Beautician course in the USA. It gives you creative freedom and you get to be your own boss. But if the risks that come with opening our own business are too much, you can always work in any reputed Beauty Parlour, spa lounges or Salon as a:


  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Care Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Beauty Care Distributor
  • Salon Sales Consultant
  • Makeup Artist
  • Manufacturer Sales Representative
  • Fashion Show Stylist
  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Beauty Magazine Writer


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