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This pastry /confectionary courses are over a period of 7 months. This could be done 1 month at a time at your convenience or all 7 months consecutively.

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7 Months

Course Details

This pastry /confectionary courses are over a period of 7 months. This could be done 1 month at a time at your convenience or all 7 months consecutively.

Classes are twice a week . 3 to 5 hours per class. 8 classes per month. Each module is month in duration.

Each module is concluded by an assessment. Only on successful completion of this assessment is a certificate issued.

This is course is a Cape Town Hospitality School industry designed and aligned programme. This course is facilitated by our own Confectionary /pastry chef that has 22 years’ experience in 5 star hotels around Cape Town.



  • Baking
    • Principles of baking
    • Cake variations and methods
    • Fillings
    • Glazing
    • frosting
  • Pastry
    • How to make the following pastries and examples of finished products.
      • Short crust
      • Rough pastry
      • Choux pastry
      • Phyllo pastry
      • Flaky pastry
  • Egg based desserts/confectionary
    • egg whites
    • Meringue (pavlova ,meringue kisses ,drops and nests)
    • Baked meringue desserts
    • Mousses
    • Macaroons vs macarons
  • Egg yolks
    • Pastis de nata
    • Crème anglaise and crème pate
    • Baked classic custard desserts
  • Decorative skills
    • Cake crumb coating
    • Making fondant and modelling paste
    • Piping -garnishes and complete cakes
    • Sugar moulding – flowers ,buttering and dripping
    • Writing – different methods and applications
    • Covering complete cake s .i.e.  tiered cakes ..
    • Icing
  • Sweets and petit fours
    • How to make marshmallow’s and nought
    • Pralines , toffee’s and brittles
    • Turkish delights and jellies
    • Fudge variations
  • Chocolate class 1
    • Chocolate tempering – different methods and uses
    • Filling , curds , moulds and truffles
    • Basic and advanced chocolate garnishes
  • Chocolate class 2
    • Chocolate baking – cookies , brownies ,desserts and fondant
    • Decorating ,modelling and moulding with chocolate.
  • Cape Town Branch

    103b Richmond Centre Plumstead Main road, Cape Town

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