There are various Barista training institutes offering ​Barista classes in India​. You can opt for various classes with different specialisations to master the art of coffee making.


Here's a glimpse of what entails the course:



Course Name


Fees (INR)

Blue Tokai Coffee

Barista class

2 hours

1500 INR

AHA International

Barista class



India Barista Academy

Barista class




What are the best Barista training institutes in India?


There are various Coffee schools that provide ​Barista classes in India​. Here's a list of them:


1. Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd, ​Bengaluru, Karnataka​.

2. India Coffee Academy, ​Hyderabad​.

3. World Tea & Coffee Expo, Kandivali (W), ​Mumbai, Maharashtr​a.

4. India Barista Academy, ​Delhi​.

5. Blue Tokai Coffee, ​Mumbai, Maharashtra​.

6. AHA International, ​Kolkata, West Bengal​.


What is the cost of Barista classes in India?


The ​cost​ of ​Barista classes in India​can range from 1000 INR to 3000 INR for a single class. One class may vary from 2-3 hours and the cost is dependent on the time factor.


What is the duration of Barista classes in India?


The ​average duration​ of ​Barista classes in India​vary from 2-3 hours. The duration of the class may depend on the specialisation of the class.


Why get Barista training in India?


India is quickly growing in its coffee offerings and the market is said to grow exponentially in the upcoming years.


In India, the coffee aficionados will always be able to distinguish between an espresso or some other form of the beverage brewed by someone with training and an amateur. To accommodate for this, many Indian coffee brands like Barista are expanding their operations into various new locations in the country.


Barista also offers additional training to its new employees, which further trains them in the enhancing their barista skills and be prepared to tackle any challenges in their jobs.


This is a commodity in the barista industry, as many establishments usually prefer to get trained baristas and not invest their time in training these employees.


This makes taking barista classes in India an ideal approach for anyone planning to make a future in this stream.


What will I learn in a Barista training course in India?


Barista classes in India will enhance your skills in the art of making coffee and other beverages as well. Moreover, management skills, handling live situations, and operating on machinery are also some of the other learning you can take away from barista training in India. 


What jobs will I get as a Barista in India?


After completing the classes ​Barista classes in India,​you can opt for the following career options:


  • Join a Coffee shop as a Barista.
  • Open your own coffee shop.
  • Train others aspiring to be Baristas.

31 course(s) offered by institutes in India
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Kaapi Machines Logo


At Kaapi Machines, we understand that a great cup of coffee is the result of the precision and sophistication of the machine as well as the skill, understanding, and creativity of the barista.

Cheapest by Kaapi Machines [ Claim Listing ]
Carrots Restaurant Logo


Come attend our private baking and cooking classes and turn into a Vegan Kitchen Ninja!  Why just learn vegetarian cooking and baking when you can kick it up a few notches higher and do it the vegan way! Scroll down to find a wide variety of individual workshop options.

Cheapest by Carrots Restaurant [ Claim Listing ]
Nirupama's Sugar Bites Logo

A Unique Mocktails N Shakes Workshop

This workshop will teach you some irresistible mocktails recipes that you need to quench your thirst in this hot and humid summer spell. We will teach you yummy and refreshing fruit drinks that are completely non-alcoholic inversions.

by Nirupama's Sugar Bites [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
The MSP Training Logo

Basic Barista Training

The MSP Training offers high-quality and consistent training in the industry.

Cheapest by The MSP Training [ Claim Listing ]

Swad Cooking Institute Logo

Coffee Masterclass (Barista)

In this workshop , you will gain extensive knowledge about coffee from seed to cup. If you are passionate about coffee or being a Barista is what you dream of , this workshop will take your passion to a next level.

by Swad Cooking Institute
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
UTM delight Cake Craft Baking Class N Home Bakery Logo


The weekend workshops are aimed at giving you a break from your monotonous routine and indulge in preparing and savoring delicious treats.

by UTM delight Cake Craft Baking Class N Home Bakery [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Bake and Buns Academy Logo

Coffee Premix Master Class

This is a great mix to have on hand if you are a coffee lover. This is great to have when you are travelling.

Cheapest by Bake and Buns Academy [ Claim Listing ]

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Logo

Coffee Classes

We have a range of classes to suit all skill and interest levels. If you have never brewed a cup of coffee before or are getting used to manual brewing equipment, we recommend signing up for our Coffee Brewing 101 sessions! Owing to the pandemic, we are only doing online sessions on Zoom.

Cheapest by Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters [ Claim Listing ]
ManjuMittal Cookery House Logo

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee Making class is offered by ManjuMittal Cookery House for all ages and skill level. if you too are ready to impress your family & friends with the magical art of cooking what are you waiting for??

Cheapest by ManjuMittal Cookery House [ Claim Listing ]

The American Hospitality Academy Logo

Basic Barista

The basic course is aimed at all beginner level Barista’s which provides a general view of the coffee world following the journey of coffee from beans to the cup.

Cheapest by The American Hospitality Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Showing Courses 1 - 10

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