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Cranefield College is a registered Private Higher Education Institution. We have a qualification to meet your education requirement and experience.

The vision of Cranefield College is to provide private tertiary education of the highest quality both in Africa and internationally, equipping students with practical knowledge and skills that they can immediately apply to facilitate further learning and to maximise their productivity in their work contexts.

In line with the above vision, Cranefield’s mission is to improve the quality of all its learning programmes and services on a continuous basis so as to meet students’ (and, where applicable, their employers’) evolving needs and to add maximum economic and social value to society as a whole.


The major components of Cranefield’s mission are accordingly threefold:

  • Creating, maintaining and delivering continuously improved job-relevant courses and programmes that are at the cutting edge of integrative development in the relevant fields of practice.

  • Providing excellent and holistically sustainable customer service.

  • Progressively fulfilling economic and social responsibility by adding value to society through top-quality higher education.

  • Midrand Branch

    Cranefield College 1 Second Street MBA Conference Centre Complex, Halfway House Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg
  • Die Wilgers Branch

    569 Rossouw Street The Willows, Die Wilgers, Pretoria

Courses offered by Cranefield College


General Management

Managers in modern day organisations experience continuous pressure to optimise organisational performance in the context of superior customer needs, value chain operations and quality management.

by Cranefield College

Quality Leadership for Industry 4.0

The purpose of this short course is to show the benefits of Transformational leadership and educate managers on effective and efficient organisational performance in today’s rapidly changing environment.

by Cranefield College


Effective entrepreneurship results in the creation of a profitable business. It leads to assembling and coordinating physical, human and financial resources, and applying managerial skills to make a success of the venture.

by Cranefield College

Office Administration Management

The short course “Office Administration Management” is designed for someone who is, or who is planning to be, an office professional (including working in a project and programme office) such as a secretary, office assistant, office employee, administrative official, or personal.

by Cranefield College

Structuring Supply Chain Projects Portfolios

Traditional organisational structures cannot cope with today’s fast changing external and internal environments, rendering it ineffective and inefficient.

by Cranefield College

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