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The Food Studio is a multi-faceted facility that offers a commercial kitchen, meeting and dining space and a warm, European environment. It offers public and private cooking classes and has become an event space that is limited only by ones imagination.

The Food Studio was incorporated in July 2006. Programming began with a “Cooking Camp for Kids”, which has become our only regular summer programming with an expansion to include a Teen Only Camp for Alumni and other interested Teens.

Since then, the Studio has offered cooking and baking classes, guest chef dining events and has hosted many private functions.

Our facility is fully licensed and can accommodate up to 45 people in a variety of set ups: meetings and presentations, receptions, formal and informal classes, and sit-down dinners.

Our vision is to foster the natural passion people have for food and their hunger for knowledge about all things related to food.

  • Varsity View Branch

    3200 Roblin Boulevard, Varsity View, Winnipeg

Courses offered by The Food Studio


Spanish Vegetarian

Barcelona-the land of ham and seafood – can be a paradise for vegetarians as well due in part to the Spanish love of vegetables. As a modern city, vegetarian options are appearing more regularily on menus to meet consumer demand.

by The Food Studio

Pizza Delights on the BBQ!

Let Summer continue well into Fall by mastering pizza on the BBQ!  Take your tastebuds on a savory journey to the pizzerias of Italy as you learn how to bake traditional Neapolitan pizza on the BBQ. 

by The Food Studio

Mexican Fiesta

Have a bunch of tortilla-loving mini chefs in your house? Get them started preparing their own Mexican favorites at home! In this hands-on class, everyone will learn all the basics to get them on their way.

by The Food Studio

Chinese Cooking

Who doesn’t love eating with their fingers?  In this class, your child will learn the easy ways to create delicious dumplings – three ways!  Using a variety of ingredients (meat and veggies), these dumplings are sure to be a hit.

by The Food Studio

Healthy Lifestyle Series – Eat your Greens

When is the last time that you got inspired to try something green from the grocery store, and then it ended up wilting and going slimy in your produce drawer?

by The Food Studio
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