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The Institute of Culinary Education has launched more than 16,000 careers in the food and hospitality industries.

Since its founding in 1975, The Institute of Culinary Education has been a recognized leader in the field of culinary and hospitality education. With campuses in New York City and Los Angeles as well as comprehensive online training options, students can earn diplomas, degrees or certificates in a wide variety of disciplines. Having locations in two of America’s culinary capitals puts ICE at the heart of the industry.

We play host to some of the great culinary thought leaders of our time and put students in a position to launch their careers in some of America’s best restaurants. ICE is committed to helping the next generation of culinary professionals find their culinary voice.


Our Vision

To be an exciting, creative and joyful place where students of all ages and backgrounds are inspired to learn and pursue their passion for food and hospitality. 


Our Mission

We are dedicated to inspiring our students to reach their full potential through an education that emphasizes technique and professionalism. We will accomplish this in a passionate, disciplined environment that fosters excellence, critical thinking and creativity in students, faculty and staff. The Institute of Culinary Education is committed to ongoing assessment and institutional improvement for the benefit of our students, staff, faculty and administration.


Our Values

The Institute of Culinary Education is guided by our core values of excellence, discipline, professionalism, passion and creativity.

  • New York Branch

    Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty Street, 3rd Floor, New York
  • Los Angeles Branch

    521 East Green Street, Los Angeles

Courses offered by The Institute of Culinary Education



Sushi-making doesn't have to be limited to the view from a seat at your local Japanese restaurant. Bring the sushi bar home by practicing your skills at preparing nigiri (sashimi fish on top of thumb-size, compact sushi rice), perfecting the texture of rice, and learning the proper techniques

by The Institute of Culinary Education

Essentials of Chinese Cooking

One of the world's oldest cultures, China has a complex cuisine, with a range of regional dishes often not found anywhere outside of the country. Some techniques, ingredients and dishes are similar throughout all of China

by The Institute of Culinary Education

Dinner in Italy

Let's eat like we're in Italy, from the apps all the way through to a rich dessert! These dishes put you back in that Mediterranean mindset...even if you've never been there.

by The Institute of Culinary Education


Grilling is one of the best ways to cook food simply while obtaining a maximum amount of flavor. You can grill on the stovetop, in your backyard, or over charcoal or gas. In this class you will learn how to modify your grilling technique depending on the medium used.

by The Institute of Culinary Education

Gluten-Free Quick Breads

Fresh, warm bread is always a great way to start the day, or perfect to add to a meal or have as a quick snack. Suitable for breakfast, snacking, topping or as a side dish, quick breads deliver a lot of flavor and light, airy texture. And what if you have an intolerance to gluten?

by The Institute of Culinary Education

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