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Students will be able to communicate with confidence, start up independent photography businesses, work in Photoshop and Lightroom, be able to navigate social media and use it as a branding tool, work confidently in the studio, and learn how to control light in any situation.

Students have the opportunity to conceptualise a project, learning how to create a project proposal, budgeting, and creating an exhibition, enabling them to apply for funding opportunities within the photography industry.

  • Johannesburg Branch

    138 Lillian Ngoyi St (old Bree St), Johannesburg

Courses offered by The Market Photo Workshop


Food Photography Course

he Food Photography Course is to prepare participants that enrol in the course to acquire competence in the production of well composed and thought-out images using digital cameras for the production of high-quality Food Photography.

by The Market Photo Workshop

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme (PDP)

The PDP focuses heavily on inculcating a critical awareness of socio-political issues, cultural contexts, and contemporary media practices and perspectives, as they appear within the broader South African landscape.

by The Market Photo Workshop

Foundation Photography

The Foundation Course is a 10-week introductory course aimed at those with basic or no experience in photography. It offers a comprehensive introduction to practical/technical know-how in both digital and analogue photography as well as theoretical knowledge in visual literacy and professional prac...

by The Market Photo Workshop

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