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Here at the Pantry, we call ourselves a community kitchen. For us, that means we do many things: cooking classes focusing on traditional food crafts and technique, five-course family-style dinners, culinary camp for the kids, power lunches for makers, food swaps, and cookbook club potluck suppers.

Basically anything we can think of to get our neighbors around the table, breaking bread and building community.

  • Seattle Branch

    1417 NW 70th Street, Seattle

Courses offered by The Pantry


Berry Jams

Join Renée Beaudoin as she takes you through the jam-making process from start to finish, with a focus on early summer berries. You’ll learn about flavor customization, the role of sugar, the stages of jam cooking, and how to test your jam for doneness.

by The Pantry

Indian Chai Party

In this class, Shri Repp will teach you the history of chai while reimagining a typical Western tea party into an Indian chai party. You will make two types of chai: a sweet and spicy masala chai that will be brewed with a freshly ground spice blend and a floral rose chai that is oh so comfor...

by The Pantry

The Arab Spice Pantry

Much of what’s distinctive about Arab cuisine comes down to the spices, and in this class Nadia Tommalieh will show you how to integrate these inimitable flavors into your kitchen.

by The Pantry

Indian Sweets: Gulab Jamun

During holidays and family gatherings, Indian home kitchens are transformed into makeshift gulab jamun factories, churning out hundreds of these fried milk ball donuts.

by The Pantry

French Bistro Classics

No trip to Paris is complete without a classic bistro meal. And since most of us can’t make the trip quite as often as we’d like, we might as well learn how to recreate it at home!

by The Pantry

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