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At The School of The New York Times, we translate the knowledge and practices of The New York Times into educational experiences for diverse learners.

We encourage analytical curiosity while helping students sharpen important life skills and values such as equity, critical thinking, information literacy and the pursuit of truth.

Our educational programs explore important issues in media, business, politics, arts, culture, technology and other real-world subject matter.

Throughout our curricula we make a point of the importance of facts, fact-checking and sharing the truth. All of our courses are designed to help students develop the skills, values and competencies that will broaden their horizons and guide their educational and professional paths.

  • New York Branch

    140 W 62nd Street, New York

Courses offered by The School of The New York Times


Writing the Big City (Reporting in New York)

Learn essential skills in order to produce insightful, ethical reporting — conduct interviews, create informative, entertaining content and discover the unseen amid millions of people in New York City.

by The School of The New York Times

A Million Lives in the Law

This course is intended for students looking to explore pathways into the field of law and to help them discover their passion for one of the many avenues available for working within this field.

by The School of The New York Times

Advanced Media Methods (Visual Storytelling)

Explore the craft of storytelling using a diverse set of visual media — from comics to photography to video.

by The School of The New York Times

DIY Filmmaking

Learn the fundamentals of filmmaking through workshops and hands-on moviemaking exercises with everyday equipment, working to bring an idea to production.

by The School of The New York Times

Creative Writing

Hone writing skills and explore contemporary creative works as readers and writers, using New York and its rich, cultural universe as a habitat.

by The School of The New York Times

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