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We want Willow Vale Cooking School to reflect the growing movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle, respecting what we eat and showcasing the provenance and production techniques.

Plant based food is very much on the agenda at our school. We are lucky that our garden blesses us with the most delicious and nutritious vegetables in seasons, growing multiple opportunities of our ‘roots to leaves’ philosophy.

We believe that less meat and fish and more plants is the way to leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

With cooking classes run by legendary chef Bruno Loubet and organically grown produce hand-picked straight from the farm. We also try whenever possible to use the fantastic produce available in our region.

  • Toowoomba Branch

    116 Church House Rd, Toowoomba

Courses offered by Willow Vale Cooking School


Deliciously Vegetarian

More and more people are turning to a vegetarian diet, either for health or ethical reasons. I believe variety is the key, so in this workshop we will look at how to approach plant base cooking to create your own dishes and going along the year without getting bored.

by Willow Vale Cooking School
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Iconic Vietnamese Dishes

The complexity of Vietnamese cooking is legendary but for us the “clean balanced” flavours are just mesmerising. The minimal use of dairy, the abundance of fresh herbs make it a healthy cuisine. In this course we will cook three iconic savoury dishes and a sweet one.

by Willow Vale Cooking School

Mediterranean Mezze

Mezze originated from the Persian word Maze which means “to taste” or “relish”. Often served as part of a multi course meal or as snacks with drinks, these tasty little plates will definitely make your guests talk and enjoy the moment.

by Willow Vale Cooking School

Fresh Pasta

Anyone who has already put their hands to fresh pasta making will know how satisfying rolling a silky dough is. When you start to get confident, it can become a bit of an addiction. You’ll find yourself having fun trying to create new shapes, sauces or fillings.

by Willow Vale Cooking School

French Pastry

France has long been envied for its beautiful pastry shops. My first job in my industry was in a famous pastry shop in my childhood city of Libourne.

by Willow Vale Cooking School

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