Planning to learn Icecream making in the UK?


There are numerous culinary schools offering ​Ice cream making courses in the UK​. 


Here's a table of institutes that provide Ice Cream making classes in the UK, along with the fee and duration of the course:



Courses offered


Fees (£)

The School of Artisan Food

Ice-cream making classes

1 day


Gelato University

Ice-cream making classes

5 hours


Antonelli Academy

Ice-cream making classes

6 hours



What are Top Ice cream making classes in the UK?


There are various schools offering ​Ice-cream making classes in the UK​. Here's a list of them:


1. The School of Artisan Food, ​Welbeck, Nottinghamshire.

2. Gelato University, ​Carpigiani.


3. Antonelli Academy, ​Manchester

4. The Avenue Cookery School, ​Wandsworth, London.

5. Obby Ice-cream making classes, ​London


What is the cost of taking Ice-cream making classes in the UK?


The ​cost​ of taking ​Ice-cream making classes in the UK ​can range from £150 to £500, depending upon the duration and curriculum. The cost will be higher for a full-time course.


What is the duration of Ice-cream making classes in the UK?


The ​average duration ​of ​Ice-cream making classes in the UK​can take about 4-5 hours to one whole day. The duration is based on the specialization the course offers.


Why should you learn Ice-cream making classes in the UK?


The Ice-cream industry in the UK has seen a surge in demand, and rightly so. The reason behind this is primarily that skill-based activities have become a popular trend to hop on to. Adding to this, Ice-cream making classes in the UK are very easily accessible, with all types of course structures available to indulge yourselves into.


Whether it’s basic, intermediate, or advanced courses you’re looking for, the UK has them all. 


What jobs will I get after taking the Ice-cream making classes in the UK?


Ice-cream making classes in the UK train you to be competent and skillful in the field to prepare you to partake in the following jobs:


  • Chef in pastry restaurants/cafes
  • Ice cream maker
  • Product Manager
  • Assistant Chef
  • Packaging Executive


After completing the ​Ice-cream making classes in the UK​, you can opt for the following ​career options​:


  • Quality assurance technician.
  • Ice-cream manufacturer.
  • Dairy Farmer.
  • Ice-cream shop manager.
  • Ice-cream taster.
  • Ice-cream shop cashier or server.

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Gelato Line Ltd Logo

Gelato Class

The course is fully dedicated to those who intend to undertake a real training path by letting themselves be guided within the course program with significant economic benefits.

Cheapest by Gelato Line Ltd [ Claim Listing ]
Gelato Academy Logo

Build a Base – Foundation To Great Gelato

Build a Base – Foundation To Great Gelato course is offered by Gelato Academy.

by Gelato Academy [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location

Emsworth Cookery School Logo

Ice Cream (Preschool Class)

Our Preschool classes can be booked for groups of friends. The children cook around the table with me explaining what to do and everyone cooking along. I ask that a parent or carer stays for the session and can get involved if they want to- but the cooks generally enjoy getting stuck in whilst the ...

Cheapest by Emsworth Cookery School [ Claim Listing ]
The Avenue Cookery School Logo

Ice Cream Class

n our Ice Cream Class we will teach you an array of different churn and no-churn ice creams that would even blow the minds of Ben and Jerry!

by The Avenue Cookery School
  • Price
  • Duration
  • Location
Pan-n-Ice Logo

Ice Cream Masterclass

Join us for a delightful and immersive ice cream roll masterclass

by Pan-n-Ice [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
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  • Location
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