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True Taste Vietnam

Learn to cook fresh and fragrant Vietnamese Pho! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of stunning Vietnamese Cuisine.

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Cooking Vietnamese: Saigon

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. In this class you will learn to prepare delicious dishes mixing spices and ingredients that are typical of the cuisine.

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We offer you easy-to-do Vietnamese recipes that are sure to impress. From making your own crispy spring rolls to amazing dipping sauces, Vietnamese prawn pancake, succulent Vietnamese pork chops, calamari & pomelo salad.

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Vietnamese Cooking Master Class

Join us as we explore the fresh and vibrant qualities of Vietnamese cuisine. It's liberal use of fresh herbs, light rice noodles, piquant chillis and savoury fish sauce give it a depth, complexity, and nutritiousness that is unparalleled.

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Vietnamese Street Food

Bring the fresh and authentic tastes of Vietnam to your home kitchen with our Vietnamese Street Food masterclass!

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Vietnamese Street Food

Vietnamese food is bursting with layers of incredible flavour, colour and texture. It’s healthy, it’s fresh, it’s simply delicious and everybody should be eating more of it at home. In this Vietnamese cooking class, we can show you how.

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Vietnamese Favourite Dishes

In this Vietnamese cooking class, we will all cook & share the feast: Pho Vietnamese beef noodle soup, Vegan Banh Xeo pancake, Lemongrass Vietnamese grilled pork chop, Tapioca and palm sugar caramel and more. Vietnam has a serious food culture.

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Vietnamese Cooking Classes

Vietnamese Cooking Classes are offered by Michelina Lawson Catering for all ages and skills.  Enjoy a private cooking class in your own home with friends and family.  After learning to cook your favourite dishes, you'll sit down and enjoy all of your creations.

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Iconic Vietnamese Dishes

The complexity of Vietnamese cooking is legendary but for us the “clean balanced” flavours are just mesmerising. The minimal use of dairy, the abundance of fresh herbs make it a healthy cuisine. In this course we will cook three iconic savoury dishes and a sweet one.

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Scoffed & Quaffed Vietnamese Banquet

Learn how to create those wonderful Vietnamese dishes full of fresh zesty flavours and enjoy a night of delicious Vietnamese food. You will create a real banquet of amazingly mouth watering dishes of all your favourites.

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