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You can learn more about the specifics of presenting the dishes and Japanese food culture.


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Japanese Gyoza is a true family food and is also enjoyed as a form of street food in Japan. In this Gyoza class, you will learn how to make Gyoza by hand. Yuki will be teaching ideal sauces to accompany them. You will learn three different types of Gyoza: Yaki-Gyoza (pan-fried), Mushi-Gyoza (steamed), and Gyoza Soup. All dishes are available as vegetarian options, just add a note when you book.

Yuki will recommend Japanese grocery suppliers and give you some suggestions for shopping there. By the end you’ll have a meal to enjoy and be ready to cook Gyoza for yourself alongside well-paired side dishes.

Class Menu

  • Pan-fried Gyoza: pan-fried Japanese pork or vegetarian dumplings, with a soy-chilli sauce-based dip

  • Mushi-Gyoza: steamed Japanese prawn or vegetable dumplings with Yuzu sauce

  • Gyoza Noodle Soup: Japanese dumplings with a clear broth (Vegetarian option available)

Class Contents

  • Hands-on Gyoza making, perfecting the distinctive two shapes

  • Combining flavors with core Japanese ingredients

  • How to cook Gyoza using three different methods, frying and steaming

  • How to prepare ideal side dishes and sauces

  • Preparing delicious dashi (stock)

  • London Branch

    21 Harold Road, London

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